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  1. Next year I want to go on holiday to the Western Isles, I think Ullapool is the way to get there. Visit friends in Inverness on the way there or back. I'm persuading Mrs B it's a fine idea.
  2. This is exciting. I developed an obsession with these a decade or so back and long wanted one. I haven't seen one since AVK585V at the back end of 1990 behind the garage my dad worked at (think it was a cheap px, it was rough). I gave up pretty much due to their near extinction here and the copious horror stories. I do know Regie Ritmo on internet terms though, one day I might get to meet him and touch his (Renault 14). I bought its replacement's replacement instead, a Renault 19 TSE. One month off its 30th birthday and zero rust. The comfiest, smoothest riding and dare I say best car I've ever owned. Renault learned something in just over a decade.
  3. I do apologise dear boy, I missed this as I've been absent from this forum awhile as I lost my word of passage, It looked like you had a terrific time. Definitely up for the next one!
  4. I love the tunnel. I've only been using it (fairly) regularly since I've been travelling to Whitley for hockey, so 2013 or so. Getting my tunnel change is an essential part of the trip.
  5. I didn't realise that the dual carriageway element was that recent!
  6. What was the difference between 1 and 2? I remember going through it on a day trip to Northumberland with my parents and a couple they were friends with, in a mk1 Granada. I think it would be early 1985. Can somehow remember stopping in Morpeth and going into a shop and there was a copy of a car mag with the brand new Renault Supercinq on the cover.
  7. When did the tunnel open Ben? I'm aware I could just google this but...
  8. I didn't think there were any 14s left by 1994. Last one I recall ever seeing here was in 1990 and it was in a sorry state.
  9. I'm going to make a sensible suggestion for the first time ever. Toyota Starlet.
  10. Is it an Autobianchi Laughing Cow?
  11. Oh yeah, and Silvio the Tipo made a comeback, bless him. Shitefest next year for him all being well.
  12. Ha! The Proton is his now. It was written in the stars for him.
  13. I'm really good at using a keyboard, I can only say mummy, daddy, no and Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica. And I wet the bed.
  14. I think so yes, the 3rd is my birthday.
  15. And I bought another Cavalier to say I'll never sell again. It's a good one, I'll never sell it. Really. For maximum creepiness it was used in a reconstruction of the 1998 Real IRA Omagh bombing as the bomb car. And staying in character, it actually caught fire the other night but only the exhaust rubbers burned. Here it is pictured with some of the branches that extinguished it.
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