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  1. Never leather on a CD, the Diplomat had it and later the CDX which replaced the Diplomat mid way through the facelift but I'm not sure that leather was standard on the CDX unless it was a V6 one.
  2. Roffle is on for the 80 now if you still want two? £26 or two for £50.
  3. In sportiness terms yes, but for sheer spec a Diplomat was top.
  4. Luton had NM, PP, UR and MJ I think. Seen all those on Vauxhall registered cars. My old GLS saloon, M726TMJ, which has been owned by a couple of others of this parish, was supplied new by Motorbodies of Luton. Still got the original dealer plates, very delaminated, in my garage.
  5. I was going to put my Cav specific private plate (there's a story) that was on the Rioja one I sold last week, onto this. But I can't rob it of its originality for a few good reasons. 1. The only other saloon I've had also had an MJ suffix. 2. Original plates ftw. 3. My uncle's last car which he had when he died in 1998 was a J plate Cavalier, and he had the same christian name as the guy I bought this from. 4. I've never actually owned a J reg car. So that one will have to stay on retention for now I guess.
  6. And even better if they also own Audi 80s, right?
  7. Weeeeelllll, you could get a Diplomat in pre facelift but finding one would be a task, and I'd MUCH rather have nice velour than leather. I went out in it earlier and it felt like driving 1992. The little plastic tray in the centre console is missing and a lot of wires are visible, I soon learned that you have to press some of them together to get the driver's window to work 😁
  8. Not selling this one ever! But wanna buy a ticket for an Audi 80? 😉
  9. The downfall of the majority of Cavs, sadly.
  10. You know when you go on a bit of a wild one and then wake up the next morning and you've got married to an alpaca? No? Just me then, well it's not legally binding anyway I'm sure. Well, the other day I went on a bit of a wild one and bought another Vauxhall Cavalier. And this morning I was awoken to the sound of it being dropped off a trailer outside my house. 92J 2.0 CDi saloon on its original Camden plates. Luton registration. Platinum Silver (I think). ABS light on (so much for that being cleared then). OSR door moulding missing in action (think I've sourced one). Dead SC303 radio/cassette. Needs a very good clean. Broken clocks. It has a year's ticket. It's EXACTLY what I've been looking for since I sold my other mk3 a whole week ago. That didn't take long then.
  11. Another interesting aside to this Cav, which I mentioned to Chris when he collected it. It had a dramatic role before I got it. It appeared in a programme called 'Crimes That Shook Britain' playing the Cav in which the Real IRA transported and planted the bomb that devastated Omagh in 1998, killing 29 unfortunate souls. Here's a rather eerie photo of that very car taken about 10 minutes before that awful event. As you can see the details aren't quite right, but in the scheme of things that's not too important. They also used a silver facelift mk1 Megane as the 'escort vehicle' that wouldn't have been launched until 1999. Plates blanked out on both in the film, I only knew it was that car as the previous owner told me they paid them £250 for a day's filming and brought it back full of fuel.
  12. There's a house near me with an H reg Fiat Croma, W reg 131 Mirafiori and an E reg Bluebird diesel joining forces with nature on the front garden. The 131 has been there for literally 30 years. The guy is somewhat eccentric and can appear in the doorway like Jesse from the Fast Show so it can be hard to get a pic, but I'll try as I'm passing today. He doesn't encourage an approach. I know he's an ex-Fiat mechanic as I once met someone who'd worked with him and he kept to himself even then, and my mate's girlfriend is related to him but has never actually spoken to him despite growing up two miles away, which kinda says a lot.
  13. I love seeing this thing. I just worry about a sixties Vauxhall living a mile from the sea. My old Vectra estate spent the majority of it's life in Scarbados and JMotor can tell you how well that went.
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