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  1. Oh, well I was still going to come. Not happening then?
  2. Shouldn't be a problem, I have the Italian stallion to bring now as you may or may not have noticed.
  3. Sorry mate only just seen this, don't think I'll be able to do two days in a row I'm afraid.
  4. The roads heading across to Weardale and Teesdale are fantastic, maybe a bit far but the Egglestone-Stanhope one is something else.
  5. Thanks for a smashing afternoon,it was good to tag along with JohnK and meet so many nice folk again/for the first time. I must visit this medium more often, sorry if I'm not always sure who's who on here. Lovely place as well, and nice mince and dumplings. And marvellous cars, especially that sweet 405 TD. Things got weird fast for John and I after we left and drove the Proton about ten miles north to the 'murder scene'. Turned off the A68 straight into 1991...as eerie as anything I've felt in my life, that place has not moved on from that fateful day. Sureveillance, mk5 Escort vans, inexplicably appearing and disappearing pensioners and places that apparently don't exist in an official capacity. I'm sure my Proton is 'known' in Consett now. Of course instead of putting our curiosity to bed we're now even more fascinated. Hope to see you all again soon, if we don't 'disappear'.
  6. I may in fact try sleeping in the A8 myself tonight as it's still outside my house.
  7. Nah, he lost them before he ever got in the Proton. He'd turned around to go home and look for them which was when the bird flew into his A8 and smashed the window. I still think they'll turn up,but I don't suppose it matters now. I don't know how he does it, bless him.
  8. JohnK slept in his car outside my house last night. I did offer him my sofa, but he insisted the Audi would be comfier. I made him a cup of tea last night and this morning though.
  9. Later real poverty spec Stellars had a black plastic grille I think.
  10. There's one of those out there?! I've only seen one, a YD45 estate in 1989. Harder to find than a Renault 14 I'd have thought,
  11. 1990 Renault 19 TSE, 1993 Proton MPi auto, 1993 Fiat Cinquecento S, 1994 Fiat Tipo S, 1994 Fiat Punto 75 ELX (in conjunction with JohnK).

    1. Morgan84


      Can you not park that Proton here please  :P 

  12. I've done about 500 miles today, 350ish in a Proton and the remainder in a 305 (which drives excellently and overtook many things on the M1). Unfortunately the Vauxhall Heritage centre has left me in dire need of another Cavalier. Bugger. Thanks to JohnK and Ghosty for being excellent travelling companions. We had a lot of fun. The final run of the 305 over Woodhead at sunset was truly a special thing. I hope I see that old bus again. Thanks for making me feel welcome.
  13. I won't be the first, or the last.
  14. Oh, I came in late to this one. Well I've never been to one yet but me and JohnK were talking today and I decided I'm coming, probably in my Renault 19 as it has the autoshite sticker.
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