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What's the longest running model name?


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On 30/10/2023 at 13:07, Spiny Norman said:

The individual model names don't always follow from one generation to another but you've been able to buy a BMW 520  every day since early 1972.

If you bought one every day you'd have over 18,000 of the fuckers by now even allowing for public holidays! I want to know where you are keeping them all? 🤣

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Opel used the name 'Blitz' for light lorries from 1930 to when the Opel name was dropped from the commercials (late 1970's). The last Blitz was in fact a rebadged Bedford CF. 

The Opel name is now back on vans, this time rebadged Vauxhall Movanos and Vivaros.

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