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Best and worst names for cars


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The wasted names annoy me, Avenger, Spitfire , Hurricane, Hunter etc.

The Hillman name brings up images of self-sufficiency, outdoors, etc. The first of the Hillman Arrow-series cars were to be named after their designers but the name for the estate model (by Roy Axe) was deemed to be too aggressive, - to be called

The Hillman Hunter Axe.


"Hillman Minx" for some reason brings up the image of a hermit transvestite living in a cave.

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Humber Super Snipe, you wouldn't want to mess with that!  Sounds like an act of violence received from a Hull docker for looking at him funny in a rough bar.


Robin Reliant Robin - wouldn't have been so bad if ever said in the right order, why did folk get this one arse backwards?


What about the new model to please all, whatever the gender - MG LGBT

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I think that the problem is that most sensible names have now been used.  I worked in an industry where they got a consultant in to help name a product and came up with loads of weird stuff because anything normal had been used and was covered in someway.


Like: plenty, Capri, Cresta, plenty more.


Dislike: Belmont, Mokka, but really I save it all for: SPORTAGE.  Ugh.  

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I always liked Defender in the same why that the Royal Navy has some absolute cracking names:



Bentley also had names that we quite fitting such as the Continental, Mulsanne and Azure. Might be something to do with me busting to own a 90s Continental R.

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The Italians do have a nack of giving a car a good name - sound very Italian but (usually) easily pronounced in foreign tongues. However, like a lot of 'sexy' Italian, the translation to English is very mundane...


Uno = one

Punto = point

Tipo = type

Panda = cuddly thing which would be extinct if not for the constant attention of men

Stilo = stylus


Velocette, Matchless, Vincent and Triumph are top names.


Never could understand Standard - 'What have you got?' 'A Standard'. 'Not a De-luxe?'. No a 'Standard'. (yes I know it was meant to mean either a flag or perhaps 'meeting a (high) standard' (origins are unclear) but even back in the day it's a bit of a lacklustre name).

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Wasn't Golf actually Gulf but the German for Gulf (the wind) is Golf hence the name? Someone then thought it would be so amazingly funny to incorperate golf balls.... probably the same type of person who is a closet fascist and thinks it's a great idea to hit silly white balls with long bats while wearing silly trousers I'm guessing.


The various older VWs are mostly named after various windstreams, hence Passat (Passatwinde), Jetta (jet) and Scirocco.


The Polo, however, is a play on Golf the sport - which is probably hillarious if you're a 1970s German car firm executive - whilst most of the newer VW names are based on Greek mythology.

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