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Best and worst names for cars


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On 29/11/2023 at 02:16, Metal Guru said:

This should be in another thread , but the Magnum was so named because it overheated in spectacular fashion and water erupted out of the radiator like a big bottle of champagne.

Imagine the mess a (Vauxhall)  Magnum full of  (Vauxhall) Cresta would make....


'Bloody 'ell, it's frothing all over, man'.

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On 30/11/2023 at 10:27, Pieman said:

That's brilliant, I never knew that!

Reminds me of the De Tomaso Mangusta, which is a cool sounding name in itself - but Mangusta is the Italian word for mongoose, an animal noted for its ability to kill Cobras...

I enjoyed the idea that the Ram TRX was named after a (Ford) Raptor-hunting T-Rex, but the internet tells me that isn't true.

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