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Base Model Hearses


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Not exactly shitey (yes, I'm off work today, woo :( ) but this Buick is a bit special, courtesy of the Just a Car Guy blog.






How about a Volvo 140 to restore the shite balance somewhat?



A 240 for good measure, with a Psomethingorother in the background.



For the ultimate send off, how about this little French number?



Hadn't heard of this little thing before, it's a Romeo. Seems like our sort of thing. A Romeo, what's that?



Another shot of that rather special* one posted earlier.



I have no words, this is too amazing.


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I love the Alfa Romeo Romeo vans, if I ever get run over, this is how I'd like to carried to hospital:




And then taken to my funeral in a Lancia Jolly hearse - just for the irony




Can I recommend these flickr pages: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hearseclub/ Warning, contains a Cortina and early Sierra hearse-ness

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Hey, good save Steve-O!

Are you gonna put a thread up for us all to perv over?


i'm out of the country for the next few days, but i'll get something up by the weekend.


its very interesting.... it only has 2 seats, and they are in HL paprikia cloth trim.


The other one i've seen here...http://www.hearse.de/pics8.htm#princess


has 4 seats and is leather.

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Obviously all automotive designers unanimously assume, that people, who favour polar-bear-friendly motoring, want to look like total pillocks when they drive their cars.


Anyway, this now extends to the afterlife.


Before it is too late, I would like to make one thing chrystal clear. Don't even think about picking up my stinking, decaying carcass with anything less than this:



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