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Rozzer Shite


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7 hours ago, warren t claim said:

A rare moment of MerPol buying a halo glamour car. Mind you, over here in 0151 plod did used to run MK2 RS2000s as at one time the fast Escort was getting stolen in quantity so they needed to even the score. These were replaced with XR3/3is. This was about it as far as MerPol went insofar as sexy motors, they never tried to compete with GMP with their Capris and Lotus Sunbeams.

MerPol even clung onto 2.9 12v Mk3 Granada's well beyond their sell by date but when they were finally replaced traffic splashed out on a fleet of 24 Senators which given a long enough stretch of motorway could catch a CBR600 ridden flat out in 6th.

Who were they chasing in an XR3? Kids on bikes? 😂

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How about some real, genuine Rozzer shite? Someone posted this on the Number plates page on Facebook and taken this morning.
To be fair, other than the Piggy plate (which isn't really), it's a genuine heritage vehicle still owned (and driven) by the Metropolitan Police.

It's apparently still in exactly the same spec that it was released in 1996. I'm going to add this to the "Late Registration" page too because it is an 827 Si registered in October 1996. There are virtual no P reg 827s that I can find. The last were N reg.

It's somehow squeaked through an MOT (failed on tyres being down to the cords, which is worrying for a Police owned car).

Because it has blues and twos and full Police decals, it has to be driven by a genuine Police officer and apparently was when spotted.

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9 minutes ago, sierraman said:

The police maybe picked them up cheap and stockpiled them on change over to the 825. 

I could quite believe it. Plus they might have worked out what a pile of shite the KV6 engine was in it (although I had one of those in a 75, did 125,000 miles in it and never had a day's trouble)

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