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Gagastan's downunder beige BX


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Two day collekshun - sold it as a little winter getaway to the other half. He’s good to put up with my shenanigans 

new motor is more up my street than the 405, it has been a flawless motor so far

at this stage I can only justify one fun car! My sheddy Jazz does everyday stuff very nicely thank you, so I’m happy to get something a bit more… well… French 

next clue: it’s the same engine capacity as the dizzle wagon

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10 hours ago, eddyramrod said:

Are you sure that pic wasn't shot in 1990?

Well bought, young man.

Thank you!!

To be an extreme pedant, that’s not possible as this particular 405 didn’t exist until 1997 😫

but I know what you mean. The motel had an exceptionally 90s vibe too - think textured plaster ceiling and blush pink formica in the bathroom. Woof.

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10 hours ago, mitsisigma01 said:

Metric and imperial, are you still part of the Commonwealth 🤔 , what's wrong with miles , bin the km's

Imperial schmimperial. The fewer reminders we have of Britain’s devastating, murderous colonialism of this place - the better.

don’t get me wrong - brits are a lovely bunch, and I’ve got nothing against them. Just don’t expect me to get hot and bothered about imperial units of measure!

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  • GagaStan changed the title to Gagastan's downunder beige BX
46 minutes ago, hairnet said:



tell us about the wagon - will it pass another wof and how bummed would i get for road user charges for 5k in a week and a half

kia ora

@STUNO do wagon :P

I don't see why it wouldn't pass a WOF - went through the last one no bother at all. It may need front pads and maybe disks before too long. But I haven't investigated fully

RUCs currently 10,000km in credit - I was planning to have it for the long haul. But then a bloody Citroen popped up...

it had 4x new continentals in December

everything works, apart from driver's side lecky mirror. it still heats the glass though. Has AC, climate control, blah blah

I bought it from the first owner, who took great care of it. Condition would be hard to beat

what else do ya wanna know?

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