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  1. VERY tempted by this https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/suzuki/auction-3677293135.htm
  2. GagaStan


    Ran out of speedo a couple of times in my 657cc Suzuki Alto. Downhill with a tailwind of course. And it did over read by about 10%… we’ll call it 80mph!
  3. Hello hello! I have but one Kirby, a Legend 2. Best colour scheme EVAR. I'm quite new to the Kirby world, but I had seen one for sale cheaply near me and decided I'd get amongst. It's a TANK and probably excessive for our 1 bed flat, but I enjoy thrumming it round the carpets all the same! Your Heritage 1 is looking very lovely, I have to say...
  4. Finally got out in the Starlet for a proper blat. Public holiday here today - took it down my favourite local twisty and I'm amazed at how well it did. Plenty of poke and gets to 100kph/60mph in second which is a hoot. One of the nicer Toyota engines I've come across, it doesn't sound like it wants to disintegrate as you approach the limiter - and it still manages to have low end grunt despite being twin cam injected blah blah. The car seems to run the smallest bit smoother after a good thrashing too. Or maybe I'm just making excuses... who cares, I'm happy!
  5. Greetings all! Time enough to get in on the action I thought. Joining you from the antipodes, the land of the Japanese grey import, Aotearoa New Zealand! Current fleet includes an ex-giffer 405 SRDT An ex-Japan Starlet, with such spec ~choices~ as A/C, leccy windows all round but a four speed manual Both shared my me and the other Mr GagaStan. Also present is a TGB 101s moped for commuting purposes. Plenty of other motors of varying quality had in the past, with a strong whiff of three-cylinder motoring. I don't think there's much that sounds better than a Suzuki Alto with a very mildly broken exhaust... especially when it needed thrashing to get up all the hills 'round here! I'm also a small-time licker of Kirby vacuums and Kenwood mixers. Love reading about all your escapades, chodspeed!
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