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  1. Looks amazing! I’ve always lusted after one of these (serious) but they’re completely unobtainium down here. Truly the thinking man’s family car, well bought indeed! Have fun with your sexy single pantograph wiper action 😎
  2. Everything that’s needed doing has been simple enough so far, that’s not to say I haven’t buggered up a couple of things along the way… I’m sure something completely mean and nasty is in store for me now 😉
  3. Great winnage with the BX today. I had noticed a warm breeze pretty constantly at my feet, even with the heater on cold and pointed at your face. It got worse with the window down too. so I had a wee look around in the drivers footwell and found that the steering column grommet had been pushed all the way through past the firewall - surely this was the source of my overwarm tootsies, dear reader! I managed quite easily to pull the thing back through and get it properly seated on the firewall, held in place properly by the groove in the rubber. and we have a result! No more undesirable warm breeze on my be-sandalled toes, a boon in the summer weather down here. but best of all - an unexpected but perhaps but unsurprising difference - the cabin is now significantly and noticeably quieter, with the engine bay now fully separated from the cabin! Very pleased with that, and for the grand price of zero dollars. Now for a beer.
  4. Finally washed this beastie. And to pretty good effect!
  5. I’d have to go with a ph1 Citroen Xsara. Maximum comfort and enjoyment to drive with minimum fuss. As big a car as I’d ever need, small enough for city use. Ride and handling combo that’s hard to beat. Aircon, good sound insulation, reliable fuel injected pezzers, non-multiplexed electrics, resistant to rotting. Flies completely under the radar, and is way more than the sum of its parts is a very 90s PSA kind of way. Oh, and make it an estate!
  6. It’s great to be here!! Trying to think on some of the great NZ/French crossovers… rainbow warrior maybe? 🫣 also that saxo looks like it’d be a right hoot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the flesh! Which part of this great land are you in?
  7. Carpet is by no means pristine, but it’s somewhat presentable now. It looks like some pink coolant might’ve leaked from the heater tap in the past… Think I’ll be ordering some custom floor mats soon. at least the outside is still quite pretty!
  8. Spent the afternoon trying to sop up the LHM that had soaked into the drivers carpet, from the leaking doseur. The underlay was the worst - it was completely saturated, and the LHM had done a good job dissolving some of the tarry black adhesive. Resulting in a delightful brown oil to try and remove. YUM With a combination of a wet vac, sugar soap solution, and a handful of old bath towels, I managed to get most of it out - or at least enough that my shoes won’t get stained driving it anymore.
  9. Was up for 2k NZD. A bit of a bargain… it’s sold already!
  10. No buy sadly. “Cambelt is fine, we did it 10 years ago m9” so that would need doing, plus a suspicious feeling clutch, creaks and clonks from the front end, two shot tyres, inop drivers leccy window… just didn’t add up. Plan is that it was for mr Gagastans new hour-each-way commute. But it is not to be. shame, because it’s so pretty and was so lovely to drive!
  11. Thanks for the heads up! Fingers crossed it’ll be okay, we’ve no road salt here in NZ
  12. Going to test drive a minty 306 tomorrow. Very excited. phase 3, 2.0 16v pez manual, just had the cambelt and water pump done… I hope it drives alright!!
  13. The more I read this thread, the more I want to try a C5…
  14. Thank you!! I think some of the early, small engine ones must have - but from my reckoning, from the facelift on it would’ve been very rare to have keep fit items. amazingly, the plip is still operating on mine!
  15. I’m so so impressed! Having that level of comfort and economy, I never would’ve thought it possible. How does it do it!! my automatic BX only does 25-30mpg, rip
  16. 51mpg, that’s unbelievable!! Is that what the car says, or what you calculate from a refuel? In my Jazz there’s a notorious discrepancy 😅 glad the gearbox is even more improved too
  17. laid up the other day, waiting for it’s second doseur end seal to arrive
  18. I’m actually in NZ, but parts availability seems to be okay for now - but I’ve not needed anything major. There’s a few old Cit specialists around that have stocks of consumables and seem very helpful. So if I need something obscure, I’ve got channels. They were sold officially here, always a left field choice though. We had hefty protectionist import tariffs here until the late 90s, so a good few companies assembled cars CKD here (Toyota, Honda, ford/mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and of course all the British stuff further back). So if you wanted something European, you really had to pay for it! So you had to be a bit weird and a bit cashed up to want a BX. consequence is that we get great spec in euro cars… I’ve even got AC that works! How’s that for futuristic 😎
  19. No more leaks! Hooray!! Now for a bit of fettling on the fuel/ignition side of things. Vacuum advance is kaput so will be sent away for refurbishment. Trying to find out where the auxiliary air valve (extra air for cold starting) is hiding in the engine bay, so I can try and test it!
  20. Feel like I’m finally close to fixing my LHM leak… after replacing both the doseur return lines and about to fit my second end cap, fingers crossed the green blood will stay contained. next up, cleaning the driveway and the carpet
  21. Actually, count me out. International mail is truly shite at the moment.
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