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Mad Talbot Samba nutter at it again!


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2 hours ago, hairnet said:

squares on the doors for numbers and shizz??


You know me soo well by now! Was a clubman spec competition samba.. suffered a little bit of a light - yet significant roll Easter 2016. Sat in stock / storage until such time parts were obtained - then waited patiently in a virtual queue for 2 1/2 years before getting the nod to drop it off!

Not repaired to show standard, but useable and presentable standard. Be returned to fighting competition form in due course..... with white squares on the doors!842A8C88-1C6B-4758-BE6A-5E5D7F4D7636.thumb.jpeg.1151a77bff139766055f63ac0335bf73.jpeg

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