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    106 garage ornament

    It's been at 2 shows, where a good mate of mine likes to sabotage it... I don't mind as it actually keeps its identity private.
  2. Bought this last year. Transpires it competed in the 1995 and 1996 French Rally Championship, winning the 1996 Championship with French man Michel Boetti driving. British driver David Blades used the car to great effect over a few years with many class wins. Still in its original shell too. Last pic with red white and blue is the car now.
  3. Aye the big chrome badge has to go. I'll get a smaller white one for it... somewhere...
  4. It's a proper Devon, type 4 1670 twin port with twin 40s
  5. Well.... I could have posted a collection thread, but I only travelled a dozen miles to collect. Added to that..... these are very definitely a "scene" vehicle... in fact they're iconic. Yes I know that autoshite holy grail is the proton satria and skoda felicia... but this has been on the bucket list for decades.
  6. That a30 is simply glorious!
  7. Me and my first vehicular transport!
  8. Do the si cars have different suspension set ups? This thing definitely feels more planted in the bends... without the usual wallowing about!
  9. This si model is the facelift version of the super s. It's got 4 speaker stereo with 2 tweeters on the a pillars, electric windows and power steering, slide and tilt sunroof, alloys, boot spoiler and the distinctive front fogs. Only 75 bhp... with the 1275cc engine, but believe me they're surprisingly brisk. This is my third 1.3... having had 2x 1.0 before that...
  10. Haven't had one of these for a good few years. Always keep my eyes open... mate sent me a link to this one... and then one thing led to another. One family owned 1.3 si with 57k.
  11. This was slightly over budget at £225, couple of months mot. I've loaned it out to two friends - semi long term! I've MOT'd it now. Needed a couple of part worn tyres, two small brake pipes..... and something else I can't remember. It's a keeper for the time being as a back up - spare car - loaner - etc
  12. Faker


    I love my tools. I've 2 sealey tool boxes. 1 that I work from regularly, and 1 sealey professional box... full of new tools... that I don't use! I have a few draper expert socket sets that I have from my apprenticeship days. I've had to replace the ratchets a few times... but I still use the sockets for 30 years or more! I have some Mac tools pull bars I have a new sealey pro socket set, and a new teng tools socket set... that live in the sealey pro box I don't use! But they're soo pretty! I've teng torques, teng allen key sockets, sealey and draper socket bits. I've a Halfords pro 3/8 socket set, that's the set I carry in my car along with sealey and draper spanner sets. The Halfords pro socket set is my first go to set for simply every job. It's simply superb. Have the set 20 years. Chrome finish has stood the test of time, and ratchet is super strong. My old draper sets have virtually no chromium finish left! Screwdriver sets, sealey pro and teng tools. Fancy box with draper expert 3/4 drive socket set for heavy work next to box (photo).
  13. I've recently acquired yet another talbot samba rally car, which was intended to be used on the road soon.... given the circumstances over here that's not looking likely. To qualify for the exemptions the last MOT has to be expired no more than 6 months. Ferry and road trip to Scottish land for day trip MOT test possibly???
  14. And.... there was a franchise dealer somewhere over in norn iron for all things reliant... back in the 70s. Scimitar etc were sold new in norn iron, and I have a work mate who still has his dad's one owner from new reliant 3 wheeler hatchback thing on a very fancy (total fluke) norn iron registered number plate... chassis is toast though
  15. Plus... There's a guy outside rathfriland has a yard full of reliant 3 wheelers... been there for years...
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