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  1. You do know @Shite Ronthat if they were over here in Norn Iron they’d be rehoused to faker’s house! But shipping costs from the mainland make these rather uneconomical for me…
  2. Yeah I was just running it back to the storage facility. Yaris 1.3 has a towing capacity of 1050kg, Brian James is 600kg empty. Towed it no problem
  3. Faker

    Rozzer Shite

    Plod over in Norn Iron definitely had a specialist vehicle unit where special vehicle testing and trials were done. An Astra Sri turbo was sourced and sent to Courtney Sport for the full package. Upgraded suspension and brakes, turbo, intercooler, pipework and mapping. It was a one off order and was specifically for traffic branch. Once it was retired from service it was sold with the entire Courtney Sport documented folder detailing all the modifications. This is the actual car… It was unmarked and virtually nothing gave it away. It had blue strobe lights and sirens obviously! Norn iron plod used to have this Focus RS too. I’m led to believe it was tweaked also. now it’s a fleet of M135 beemers with over 300 bhp as standard!!! Focus RS.. Focus ST and a Golf R
  4. 405 estate, a BX, and Xsantia spotted today. Wasn’t able to get the phone out quick enough though…
  5. Update! Another mk1 Clio, one C15 and a Peugeot J9 camper. A Volvo 440/460, and a shed load of Gen1 Twingos.. Oh and an early panda.
  6. Chod spotting in the south of France has been very poor so far…. One Opel Corsa A (nova), one Citroen xsara, one mk1 Clio and one 2CV6 under a tarpaulin…. Where did it all go wrong?! This place used to be full of older chod… and not that terribly long ago!
  7. So I’m for Lyon in the morning… hire car booked… then off to Lans En Vercors.. so I’m going to be hunting for old French chod! Guess who’s packed some PTS clothing?! 😬
  8. Faker

    RIP Ken Block

    The truly sad thing is…. Renner was using his own snowplough to open roads where he lives. He went to the assistance of an ordinary Joe who was stranded… and got run over by his own snowplough!
  9. Yup.. looks like it’s going to be postponed… and I’m all paid up for two to go next week! I can’t change to whatever the new date will be. Looks like it’s just shite spotting in the French Alps then!
  10. So it’s literally the first week of January…. and European countries are experiencing a heatwave…. There’s no snow on the resorts… with ski runs closing…. you couldn’t make this shit up! Will have to make enquiries to confirm that the event isn’t going to be re-scheduled… no point arriving at the French Alps for there to be no racing or skiing!
  11. Those on the beige that know me… know I love all things Peugeot Talbot Sport.. hence this post! (Admins feel free to move if you believe it’s in the wrong area). The second week in January sees myself and partner head off to the French Alps to watch this spectacle. I will of course have photos and videos to post once there… with any luck there’ll be some other interesting vehicles in attendance!
  12. Faker

    Renault 14 Madness

    I still need a 1219 block…..
  13. Are we sure it’s on an Austin chassis? Those rims look suspiciously like Ford 103e rims..
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