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Grogee's spannering (Puma & MG Maestro)


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Rear brake back on. 

It is, theoretically at least, driveable. 

I re-read my 'help' thread on the Maestro forum about non functioning indicators - the advice was to check hazard switch because they gum up/get dirty. Worked it a few times and sure enough the indicators work again! Result!

I dropped it off the stands and went for a sneaky (slightly illegal) drive up and down the bypass. That's as far as I've driven it now. 


Good news

Engine is sweet. Well it's a bit ticky but that might be sticky tappet (does this have hydraulic tappers?).

Gearbox is sweet, good old Honda.

Clutch is heavy AF, but it didn't feel too bad once on the move. 

Pulls to the left a bit. 

Brakes stop but they are a bit shit. Will investigate upgrade (does Turbo use bigger discs and calipers?)

Bad news:

There's a nasty noise from the rear, something is scraping something else. I'm wondering if the brake I put back together is rubbing on the drum? Kinda looks ok though. 

I haven't fixed the exhaust blow yet. 


I celebrated by checking the lights are working: some of them were. After some fiddling and new bulbs most of them were but can't get fog lights to work. Gave up. 

Time's up though and we're in full moving house mode now. Ironically the temp accommodation is just down the road from Grumpy Tim's, which might make life a bit easier at some point but it will still be 'wintering' in my council lock-up. 

The one logistical problem is that Grumpy Tim said if and when he does the work, he wants F&R bumpers removed and fuel tank removed. Obviously then it's not driveable so I'd need to trailer it, but more of a problem is that I don't have anywhere to remove those bits, unless I ask my semi-employer.


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Nowt more spanner action, in fact today was tool transport time for which I borrowed this beauty. 

I do like driving a van, can't put my finger on it but it's just satisfying somehow. Master Grogee was co-pilot.

Anyway, tools out of cabinet into boxes -> boxes into van -> cabinet into van -> drive to semi employer's residence -> unload cabinet -> refill cabinet -> take boxes home. 

In amongst all this I managed to lock myself out of the house and had an uncomfortable 20 minutes waiting for @Cluffy to turn up with my spare key so I could empty my bladder. 

Was close to urinating on my own driveway, which would have been a nice parting gift to the neighbours.

Finally - just had to take a pic of the old gear gaiter. Hiding inside is the BL roundel. Every time I see it, it fills me with joy. Can't explain why, it's just a happy thing to see somehow. 




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11 hours ago, Matty said:

Can't wait to see this done @grogee. Can you not work bloody faster?? Missus can do the move for you 😆

Well. Phase 2 is bodywork, and that's down to Grumpy Tim. Let's see what sort of quote he comes back with. 

Phase 2.5 is finding a house with a garage and a drive so I can continue Works.

6 hours ago, High Jetter said:

Huh, MG Maestro? How fast you want it to go? :)

Medium, please. 

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Idly browsing eBay last night, as you do. Came across these rear arch panels for Maestro. Auction started at 99p, I messaged the seller to ask if he'd sell offside arch separately but he said he'd only sell as a pair. 

Anyway look what they're up to now... I hate parts rarity.

Maestro rear arch panels ebay.png

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Fucking cars! Took the Puma to Cov to visit the office today. Driving back I gave it a little boot in 2nd and noticed revs rise without road speed rising... Sure enough the clutch has chosen this moment to expire.

The good news is I have the parts - new clutch kit and Ford concentric slave. The bad news is this has happened just when I've lost access to my drive, garage and tools! Fuxache.

Dropped into Shaun the friendly garage and got a quote of £220/4 hours to change it. I'm sure that's perfectly reasonable (it would take me longer) but could do without a £220 bill so close to Xmas. He's advised changing crank seal at same time (which I would have done too) so I've ordered a Reinz part.

I can nurse it for a bit while driving, it's not too bad unless you boot it. So I should be able to manage until 22nd when it's booked in. 

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Blimey. Just had a call from the guy in Northants who did "Glyn the wheel guy"'s welding on his MG Maestro.

Price for sill patches, arch and roof repair £600! That's a blimmin bargain in my view, even though I expect "mission creep" as he gets going. 

Bad news is, it won't be until Feb. Not necessarily a problem as we'll probably still be in temp accommodation and the maestro safely in its council lock-up. But fun to have something to look forward to in the spring.

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Just been to see Grumpy Tim with @Cluffy. He's a fussy bugger, but knows his onions. Said the arches would be £500 per side and that doesn't include sills and roof! Then went on to say that the 'best thing' would be a full respray at £7000-8000.

Of course he's right, and he does a superb job, but I don't have £8k stashed for Maestro respray and if I did I'd have bought a good one. 

I think I'd rather give Northampton Man £1000 to sort all the bits I can see with a blow over. I know it won't last forever but it'll get me mobile and hopefully it'll look half respectable.

Oh, on the journey the nasty noise from the rear 'fixed' itself, I think it must have been handbrake cable because now the handbrake doesn't work at all. I think the drum has rubbed through the cable. Ah well, another job for next year.

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Maestro is now tucked away in its council lock-up.

Yesterday's driving did reveal some new and exciting problems. The exhaust is blowing: I knew that it wasn't sealed around downpipe to middle, but it's also got that "1 in 4" flatulent blow of a not-sealed exhaust manifold. I'll have to have a proper look in the spring, but I may try the double gasket trick which worked on my Puma. At least I know I can get the bolts out now and I put ceramic anti-seize on the nuts. 

Also that zizzing noise is quite noticeable. It's possibly alternator bearings which isn't serious, or oil pump which is. 

That's in addition to the handbrake I've mullered, but luckily cables are still cheap and plentiful. Unlike body panels, which are NLA.

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Oh, and an apology to Grumpy Tim. He actually offered me some of his garage space to work in, which I thought was nice, although with the caveat that it would only be when it wasn't 'too full'. Unfortunately it's not practical with my tools all over the place.

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FACK! Farmed out the clutch job and provided parts. But as it turns out, the wrong parts. Or so it seems. Either that or faulty. Either way, a massive pain in the arse, and I've got to pay double labour. 

The crank seal I bought (Victor Reinz) is listed as same part number shown on Ford parts catalogue. 

But, he's bolted it all back together and it's now leaking from the crank seal. So - box has to come off again, flywheel off again and change seal again. For FUCK'S SAKE! (Pictured is my workings out for why I bought that seal.)

Of course garage asked where did I buy the parts (eBay of course, always eBay) and now they think I'm a clown.

Meanwhile I'm without a car so am having to drop Mrs Grogee at work in her Alfa then drop Master Grogee at school; traffic was biblical this morning and he was late for school.

They're going to try and get it done Friday but no guarantees, meanwhile the bill will be £500 odd instead of £240.





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Apropos of nothing, have a pic of me in 1992 with my Mini 1275GT. I'm staying at my stepdad's house, and this pic is in his downstairs convenience.

First car, loved it, it was shit, etc. Actually it wasn't shit but it was a bit shonky.

Also, I weigh about twice as much today.


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