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  1. More progress in the last week or so with the help of @grogee (all the thanks, as always...) Last weekend we got the block bolted back roughly in place and sat securely on some stands I then did little but often in the week. Knock sensor reseated and a lot of cleaning of timing parts etc. Then we had time this morning to get it all timed back up. First up lower chain:Bit of a faff with the tensioner after getting the chain loose on the correct side. Then we got the cylinder head back on. Heavy thing but taken care of 💪Finally got the upper chain on: This being the 2.9, it's a double chain on the top (I think that's the differentiator). Which proved quite tricky to get in with the guides and slotting the intermediate cog teeth. But we got there. George held the crank on the bar and I did that up to mega torque. Four rotations and all the marks we had made were still where they should be 😎 I then went round and torqued up the head properly. Next up can be one of many things - upper/lower timing covers, upper inlet manifold, exhaust manifold, you name it... But I have some fairly quiet days with working coming I hope so 🤞for more steps forward this week!
  2. Use feeler gauges? Sure you have some in stores or borrow mine? Likely you've already done. If so, as you were....
  3. When are your lifting apparatus (ie your arms!) available to help get it seated..!?
  4. Morning all!! So, been a while since an update on the Corrado... A few bits have happened but the pace has been steady... First up, did a bit of TLC on the bits of paint you don't see much of but makes tidy all the same... Inner wing bits that have always been really tatty: Then we have the steering rack saga. I got Coventry Power Steering to make one good one from the two I have after my attempt to fix things caused issues. All finally sorted if more expensive than I'd have liked. All removed: And back in the car all refreshed: I decided to tidy up the rad fan housing as it was a bit worn/surface rusty and I had the time while waiting on engine shenanigans - much better...:And to the engine... Got it back just before I went on my jollies. Heavy old thing!:I fitted a new crank seal with the help of @grogee and his much better stocked tool chests (he had some perfectly sized drifts to get the old one off). And I've fitted that back up nicely and now have put the new sump gasket on and buttoned up the sump (so much easier when engine is in this orientation!!!):I have also had time to set the cams correctly to TDC so that once I set the crank it should go on without too many problems 🤞And that's up to speed! Next step is to get the engine set back onto it's mount and get the head back on and timed... 💪
  5. I'd not given a moments thought to what automotive shite might be seen... But this thread just adds to the excitement!! A sun drenched Pug 406 coupe... Dreamy....
  6. Ah, "Liz" was a special old thing, wasn't she...
  7. A lot of these cars are at a point where they will hold value and that's the attraction to me. If you want to invest and make money, property or properly learn about how the stock market works (at least, in my humble opinion). But to have something you've always wanted, or at least you want to give a go, you'll get your money back pretty much. You have to maintain any car and I, like many on here believe in keeping older cars running and on the road as there's so much life left. I'd rather that than getting something new every X years, for hundreds a month (and not helping the climate problem in the process) My VR6... Yeah it's causing me some pain now but should be mechanically wonderful in a few months. Not ever really had any MPG issues (30+) and its not taxed for 12 months... It's a lovely thing when up and running. I'm never far from thinking of selling, though... Primarily to indulge in some form of V8 Jag!
  8. Yep, my Golf has that. Scared me to Bejesus when it first happened but a few metres driven solved it!
  9. That is ... Stupendous!!!!!!!!
  10. Wow that's a trek! Hopefully the Golf will be all good for it and luckily the fella is only 15 minutes or so away. He's said he'll get on it next week around other jobs to get the diagnosis and then we'll decide what we need to do ££££££ !
  11. Small update on this. Had a moment of "screw it, what's the worst that can happen" and dropped the block off it's final mount on my tod. Felt like HeMan. Then this evening, @grogeeand stepson helped me get it into the Golf. Hoping the engine machine works fella is free to drop to tomorrow. Might have a full confirmation diagnosis/root cause of the poor leak down and how to fix by this time next week 🤞
  12. We should do this. Many, many times!
  13. That rear wheel seems to be on the squif?
  14. I bloody love an XJ-S as you know. But not that one sadly... I'd have another...
  15. I'm a bit late, but I will be getting a good quality car polisher/dual action jobbie. I have also had ideas of something fun and four wheeled, but as I've been most indecisive of late...
  16. Cheers for the link! Seems like a less expensive option here maybe: https://psbushings.co.uk/product/2-x-vw-golf-mk5-mk6-rear-trailing-arm-poly-polyurethane-bush-2005-to-2011/
  17. This is the thing - I can't seem to find the OEM bushing, or at least not via Google....
  18. Our Golf just passed its MOT, so we embark on another lap around the sun with it for it's 18th birthday 💪 However, an advisory came back: "Rear Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement bothsides trailing arm front bushes (5.3.4 (a) (i))" The arms seem fairly easy* to remove and I should be able to get the bushes pressed out, whether the garage of @grogee's can manage it or our friendly localish mechanics can... Powerflex seem easy to get hold of. Has anyone else done this on their chariot / VAG product (this chassis setup is common to Passat, Touran etc)? Seems pricey for two bushes at approx £80 but if it's worth it I'll likely do it! Cheers in advance!
  19. Water pump is out so now to get the block into the Golf for a trip to SC Porting for specialist works. And some tidying.
  20. I'd look forward to that! I'm poor at updates on here too. Right now the block is pretty much ready to come out. I just have to sort removing the water pump. Then to figure a way to lift the block off the engine mount and into a car to take to the menders.... I'm not setting any targets but I'd rather like a good amount of use next spring/summer before the MOT inevitably throws up even more things to piss me off!
  21. Could not agree more! Such a pain and this is the bloody third part I've been in here....
  22. @grogee Glorious. I'd be 90% sure it's not stock colour. I'll buy it if we ever get our barn, George...
  23. More progress the last couple of days. Near side Track rod and lower ball joint off. Driveshafts undone, starter off, gearbox mounts and brackets off and this morning I managed to get the gear box out. Phew! Next will be clutch and flywheel, followed by power steering lines off and the front lower brace bar. Never had this off in my ownership so I plan on a good tidy up. Then I'll whip the timing covers off, the chains and then the head. I don't want to take cams out this time due to the timing disc being damaged last time I was in there....! It's going ok but the bloody cold can do one...
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