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Maestro, please.


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18 minutes ago, Remspoor said:

That gives me a mastiff erection.

Always back to dogging on here...

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1 hour ago, grogee said:

Did I dream it or was someone ( @2110?) looking for some obscure gear link part for their Maestro? 


I was looking for a linkage which I did manage to track down in the box of parts of all places! Thanks for remembering though!

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  • 3 weeks later...

This is by no means a For Sale post, but, owing to my current situation, the Maestro (and others) are currently sitting on SORN since yesterday and I'm not sure for how long... So I was just thinking that if anyone here missed the opportunity to buy the car last time around and is eagerly after a Maestro I would be willing to forward it onto a new home to carry on the duty of care rather than it be sat not being enjoyed for an unknown period of time. I would let it go for the same amount as I purchased it which includes a new shiny gear linkage rod installed! (main linkage still in a bag waiting to be fitted). One hopes to be enjoying it again on the road sooner especially as I have put almost everything else up for sale officially (here and other places) keeping just this and the 3 door Samara back for myself, but in the spirit of keeping things alive, this is just a "would consider it" post..! If not I will look forward to getting going with it again in the hopefully near future!

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