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New online game - Motornation


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I've got a Volvo estate for taxi jobs and a Roller for weddings. I'm not sure a Roller is worth it as there are not many wedding jobs and if you go below 20% on repairs you can't do them, and keeping it under costs about the difference in having a taxi. Nice to have a roller coz I've never had one and it's the only way I could afford one.

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So I've not logged into it for 10months apparently, just gone on and I have 50k which is enough to buy a 4 car house, but it won't let me upgrade because it's members only.

Poor show.

I know people have to make a living but it's not a game I think it really worth paying for. Better off advertising Lucas Wiring Loom Smoke or summat than trying to grift 2 quid a month out of your users.

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