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Car Caper Trumps - A game.


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Seeing as the cars which interest me most are the ones that any car enthusiast over 50 will have owned and I also am not great at taking photos of my cars I have had to think hard and the best I can come up with is my Anderson Cub.


I wasn’t in Australia when I took this, no idea why it is upside down sorry.

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Right, here's my more obscure options:


Chevrolet Kalos (not Daewoo Kalos or Chevrolet Aveo, Pontiac Wave, Holden Barina etc)


Nissan Wingroad


Toyota Corona (had 2 of these)


Hyundai Pony


Ford Fairlane BA


Toyota Avalon


Renault Avantime


Holden Zafira (not Vauxhall Zafira, Opel Zafira, Subaru Traviq)


Holden Vectra (not Vauxhall Vectra, Opel Vectra)

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23 hours ago, RichardK said:




I've done 1980 Buick Century Limited 4 dr which was a close relation of the first there, and 1982 Plymouth Gran Fury which was the dead basic model of the second one.

22 hours ago, Mally said:
22 hours ago, Mally said:



Plain basic mk1 van, does that count?

23 hours ago, catsinthewelder said:


Can't think of another 3 door Cherry on the Forum apart from Ratdats Cherry Europe


We all know by now I enjoyed that very Cherry ten years ago (OMG, really???) but few probably know I used to drive a Bay pickup at work some years earlier, which was quite enough to put me off them for life. Photos of those I've owned in my Life Of Shite thread.

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1 hour ago, philibusmo said:

Right, here's my more obscure options:


Hyundai Pony

I nearly bought a 5-door Sonnet off a mate about 20 years ago.  Can't remember why I didn't go ahead with the purchase.  (I have a vague memory that I couldn't get the bonnet open, but I may be mixing that up with another occasion.)

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