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Car Caper Trumps - A game.


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SingSong Musso in GX220 flavour.
Permanent 4x4, Mercedes 3.2 litre straight six petrol & Mercedes autobox. Velour and plastic walnut all over the inside.
Pulled like a train, drank petrol like it was going out of fashion . How many left suggests less than twenty left on the road.
Not my image - mine was same age/colour but never that clean and shiny

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18 hours ago, carlo said:

Sorry fatharris, does your mum's car count?  We had this for a few years in the 90's:




How old was the Scirocco in the background at the time? ;)

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On 5/7/2023 at 10:25 PM, catsinthewelder said:


Can't think of another 3 door Cherry on the Forum apart from Ratdats Cherry Europe


I know Barefoot has a Bay but LHD has a different shell with the door on the other side.

Might as well add the ADO16 too.

I had a rhd Bay camper converted from a van


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Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint, I had this in 1986


Porsche 944 2.7 Auto. My daily driver in 2002


1963 Austin Mini Super Delux, seen here with the late Paddy Hopkirk


1968 Morris Mini Traveller, it had a couple of wheel changes




1974 Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 Export


1971 Innocenti Mini Minor Mk3



Do modded cars count? My first car, after smashing it through a hedge was made into a Baja Bug


And are we doing bikes.

1978 Moto Morini 3 1/2 Sport


2002 Ducati 750 Sport



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