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Car Caper Trumps - A game.


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Dayvan, full of tacky wood, an electric rear seat/sofa and mood lighting. permanent 4wd and a V8, the second thirstiest thing i've ever had


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Can't find pics at mo but 4 for you.

83 ford F-350 single cab.

82 cortina XR6 ( possibly an Exocet).

81 Mk5 cortina crayford mine circa 20 years

75 MK3 cortina bakkie ( mine circa 30 years)

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So, the  Lancer EX2000 Turbo GTP50X was the car I owned for a short period of time, the BMW is a 200O Neu Classe Saloon ( mine was in green and a 1972). Other obscurity would be a 1980 ish RX7 elford turbo.



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