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Crap Camper Conversions


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52 minutes ago, Isopon said:

I'd been thinking about this ever since the discussion about that Ex British gas van in the news 24 thread, but this posted in Ebay tat fby @outlaw118 has cemented the idea:


absolutely awful.

Is that one of those gopping new Ford Mustangs?!

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3 minutes ago, Dave_Q said:

Saw the thread title and thought this was going to be more about the depressing / murdery interiors on some of the shit diy van conversions eg:

Image 6 - Ldv convoy dayvan spares or repairs


The salt of the earth LDV Convoy. Apparently it has ABS. Doesn’t actually work but nice to have. I like the decor. How does one actually camp in it anyway? Do you chuck all that old furniture out first?

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11 hours ago, somewhatfoolish said:

Seemingly hopeless piles of shit and sterling board are inextricably linked, like toilet paper and the shoes of people heading into really important interviews.

I don’t get why you’d not spend the extra couple of quid and use ply that will take a veneer or MDF. 

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49 minutes ago, Isopon said:

This is not just any camper - this is a M&S S&M camper.

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