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Brownnova’s Trans experiment - Born in the USA, Living in Wales: We got us a misfire!


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Two stories to retell... 

When I was younger (about 13/14 I’d wager) everyone had Escorts, Astras or Maestros and in my family’s case a Nissan Sunny. So when some friends of my mum and dad came back from the states they bought a car back... and to me it was to coolest looking car anyone I knew owned... the sheer joy when I got to ride in this thing that looked like a space ship must have made an impression on me...

So when the adult me was discussing having more children with Mrs_b last weekend I quipped that I wouldn’t be getting a Zafira or the like if we had too many children for a normal car her options were: an ex-funeral limo, a London Taxi or.... 

a Pontiac Trans Sport...

....not that I would ever find one for sale of course... 

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14 minutes ago, brownnova said:

her options were: an ex-funeral limo, a London Taxi or.... 

I do hope your both still planning on getting a London Taxi, I still think there should be more of them on the forum (especially in FX4 form, although I imagine the Metrocab would net you the most shite points)

not that I am bias or anything having grown up with them in Central London *ahem*

8 minutes ago, brownnova said:

Having been on a self imposed eBay tat thread break I missed this appearing, so when I looked on eBay it was there, and it ended during the weekly AS zoom call... 

I persuaded myself not to bid as it was unseen and a big risk.,,, but my finger slipped... three times.... and the result is... 


Honestly I think I’m a danger to myself! 

so does this mean you are planning on having too many children then? :mrgreen:

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  • brownnova changed the title to Brownnova’s Trans experiment - The DustBuster arrives!

So... first impressions...

I’m making a habit of buying blind, I did start to think that this would be the one to catch me out, but so far things seem as they should be. It drives well, stops well and holds temperature. The engine is super smooth and the gearbox changes very nicely. All the bits and bobs seem to work! A scout about underneath shows nothing of major concern, id say sparkly stick action is probably about a year off in one spot, we’ll see when I can get it booked in for a test! Very odd driving on the wrong side, but I’ll get used to that I’m sure!

Have some pics! 

And of course I’m sure I’m not the only one who had one of these...


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