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Black number plates


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1 hour ago, Fabergé Greggs said:

I want to get a silver on black plate made for my ‘70 Vespa in 6.5x6.5 flavour. I’m guessing pressed without a border will look best. Any recommendations of where to get them? 

Can I recommend eBay seller “qualitypressings”,


Just the one listing at the moment but the chap previously did me a couple of borderless bike plates and was quite helpful. Yellow ones too so may still be able to supply if anybody reading this fancies enquiring about those. 

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I`d say commercial operators preferred pressed plates as they were sturdier. When I was doing long distance lorry driving in the mid 90`s, our 83-88 Ford Cargos all had pressed plates, & all were very bent, especially the back ones but were still legible.

I`d also guess that most of the car companies using silver on black plates in their brochures post 1970, like that Wolseleycrab, were aiming at an older generation of buyer, hinting at old school values so to speak.

The Framptons raised plastic digit plates look wrong to me for some reason, cant quite put my finger on it.. Might be the shape of the actual letters?

I also hate post 2001 font plates on pre 01 cars, it drives me mental, especially when put on restored cars. When I`ve had to replace plates on my older stuff in the past I`ve used DMB & was very happy with their dealer markings copied from my pics, but when I went to get some for my Mk1 Uno a year ago, DMB had been banned from them. I managed to get the right font from somewhere else, but they could only replicate the dealer markings in font form, i.e. not including any type of graphics or badge, which I did, begrudgingly as I had no option (but intend to sort when I find somewhere).

It pisses me right off that you cant get replicate pre-01 font dealer plates legally now, there's no reason for it whatsoever. 😡

One of my Uno`s DMB duplicate (front) with original (rear):


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one from the eBay Tat thread

On 15/05/2022 at 17:37, DVee8 said:

very much look like plates fitted in period which is quite interesting! (either that or someone later on went out of their way to take an existing white on black plate or 2 and rearranged the digits? LOL)


from June 1974, shame it was not just a couple months later or we might be looking at an N suffix car on period naughty white on black plates!


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That Toledo, entirely possible someone has painted reflective plates black and the digits/letters white, I’ve seen that done before. Looks quite convincing, though it looks like there’s a (silver?) lip or surround where the paint/coating is flaking off. 

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