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Renault 11 rear beam issues ?

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6 hours ago, somewhatfoolish said:

On an R11?

Someone's not seen James Bond


There's very little up back that actually moves or does anything, it's a simple contraption. Could see it getting out of line and making a tire or bearing howl though.

If it does it again, try pulling the handbrake on gently. That'll load the suspension down and it should squat a little in the back. See if that shuts it up.


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On 9/12/2020 at 10:28 AM, colc said:

There's no rubbing....I think the noise is being generated by the change in geometry in the rear beam due to worn bushes causing the tyres to howl occasionally...............might be due simply to tracking [here's hoping !]

Err....no....problem solved............took one wheel off to discover new brake shoes, wheel cylinders and other shiny stuff. Spiffing..............

Removed other wheel, drum came off with a fight, to reveal very old brake shoes, in rather more parts than was originally intended. Found three boxed sets of brake shoes in the boot, one box containing only one shoe..

Conclusion........someone decided to do the rear shoes, did one side, then couldn't get the drum off...and gave up. The friction material separated from the shoes, which was floating about in the drum, causing the intermittent and horrible drone.........





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Well...you fix one problem, and another rears it head. After sorting out the disintegrating rear brakes, I thought I'd solved the horrendous droning noise....it would appear not ?


Noise seems to be coming from passenger side front, and these are the symptoms. Fine for about 15 to 20 minutes, then this fairly unpleasant drone starts, now pretty convinced it's coming from the left hand front. It's not engine or gearbox noise, because if you turn off engine and coast, the noise is still there. seems to be speed and gradient dependent , and also worse on some road surfaces than others. I would have said wheel bearing, but it only happens when the car is at working temperature .

So; a] It is the bearing, and there's no grease in it for some reason, and when it gets hot, it starts moaning

Or; b] Perhaps a driveshaft issue? [I managed to get a NOS one off EBAY for £30, so may as well  fit it.........]

Or c;] Something else ......!

there's also an ever present clunk from the front end somewhere that I suspect may be either steering rack mounting bushes, or anti roll bar bushes. ......experienced similar in other old Renaults, which I never bothered to investigate.


Any thoughts from the 'shite brains trust would be welcome, I want to get this old thing up to scratch.


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Now fairly convinced this is a driveshaft issue..................we will see.......!

24 minutes ago, cobblers said:

Is there an intermediate bearing on the long driveshaft? I've had exactly this same issue quite a few times on Peugeot 106s. Fine when cold or for 50 miles, but on a long motorway run the bearing heats up and makes a right auld racket

Think you're right................it's a driveshaft issue...........coming apart Monday.

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