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eBay tat volume 3.


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3 hours ago, wesacosa said:





That bloke comes across as slightly crazy, his name pops up frequently, I remember he bought a Rover 45 out of the enthusiasts group for something like £300 preaching how it's worthless because of the poor MOT history it had. He ended up getting it then a month or so later it was up for a grand being declared as the best one out there and won't need much for it's MOT in 2 weeks time... 🤦

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Scrapyard fresh MK2 Mondeo... 



£1950, spares or repairs. Good luck with that! 


Cracked bumper, obvs


Bonus shit stains on the rear seats. Lovely


Gr9 background..


FFS even the claw is in view waiting to scrap it 🤣

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If an overpriced Mondeo doesn't tickle your fancy then how about a Talbot Samba from the same yard? 

Bonus extreme number plate obfuscation, just snap half of them off 🤣




Low cost high liability beemer peeping into shot


Obligatory gormless character in background

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Aforementioned low cost high liability



"Seems to drive ok when driven up the road" - so it doesn't drive ok anywhere other than the road? Good to know!


3 Vau*halls sitting in their happy place in the background


Nice waiting room for the RAC


Number plate obfuscation

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4 minutes ago, High Jetter said:

Somewhat* optimistic, but that's not unusual for them.

Indeed so it would seem. 

Three and a half for an Astra H that's done 140k? No, me neither


Oh, plus the £149 admin fee. Get in the sea...

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8 hours ago, Supernaut said:



Some utterly depraved part of my brain finds this strangely appealing.

I mean, just look at the interior.




I hired a Kia Soul in 2017 over in Alberta and drove it around the Rockies for a week. It coped admirably well and was a silly shade of bright green. I think that's why I have a soft spot for them.

The top half of those seats reminds me of the trim in my grandma's Mk1 Fiesta.

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8 hours ago, wuvvum said:

The top half of those seats reminds me of the trim in my grandma's Mk1 Fiesta.

Someone else must have liked it even more than me, as the ad was only live for a few hours. It was gone by yesterday evening.

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And now on ASTV:  'Holiday homes North Wales. Expectations Vs reality' with Kirsty and Phil

Static Caravans and Lodges for sale North Wales

Are Kirstie and Phil married? The truth about Love It Or List It duo!

Picture 4 of 15

Location, Location, Location filming in Chester where presenter Phil winds  up co-host Kirstie - Cheshire Live


Phil Spencer: 'I spent six years persuading my Australian wife to live in  England'

'Tidy and dry inside'

Kirstie Allsopp savagely cut mid sentence on Good Morning Britain -  Manchester Evening News

Phil Spencer - The Right Address

'will get you home but is old and ought to be replaced.

Love It Or List It host Kirstie Allsopp on her 'biggest regret' after  giving birth

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11 hours ago, wuvvum said:

The top half of those seats reminds me of the trim in my grandma's Mk1 Fiesta.

God I’m old I’m remember them, it was like the fashion for the pensioner of that era, made them feel swish…

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1 hour ago, Asimo said:



“you to have to use a pin to release the key out the ignition Sounds dodgy I no but it’s a common fault with most Auto’s “

Just fix it then! Puts me off hearing stuff like that, makes me wonder what the rest of it is like… sounds like one of these

“yep it’s got oil in it “

when was it last changed?

”why would you it’s got oil in it”

kind of cars.

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