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eBay tat volume 3.


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1963 Humber Sceptre Spares or Repairs | eBay

Humber Sceptre is an anagram of 'Bum her respect' which is one option available to you if your missus isn't happy when it turns up on the drive.

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It'd be worth visiting that yard just so you can play 'Buckeroo' with that Iveco and horse kick the bastard into the crusher.

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Ford escort mk3 1.3l 3door 1982 | eBay

There seems to be a handful of miserable old Escorts about recently, hope this one gets saved and put back on the road.

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7 hours ago, stendec said:

This has popped up again; "Re advertised due to some absolute melt reporting that I was selling a police car.  THIS IS CLEARLY NOT A POLICE CAR…….This fantastic old girl was used for a charity rally, “the screwball rally” Google it.  She was used to raise money and awareness for the need for Emergency Bleed control kits."


So what if you where selling a police car?????

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