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  1. Have to say it’s changed a bit since it was my work! No shagged minibuses dumped in the compound out the back, and no Evening News employees parking their sodding cars in the bus area in the yard!
  2. Bit of Portsmuthian shite for you all… Firstly, a batch of the new Wrightbus Kite electrolical thingies, sat in the current Hilsea parking area. I rode one of these the other week, first electric bus I’ve been on. I was pleasantly impressed, I have to say! I’d much rather see these in use than Chinese BYD and Yutong crap. Hilsea depot has for years parked some of it’s stuff in the yard of the local newspaper across the road, I believe the whole site has now been acquired for a brand spanky new depot and it’s currently mid-demolition, with the buses sort of dumped safely out of harm’s way down the back. A Streetshite looks on in envy at the sort of decent, bombproof heavyweight vehicles that Wright used to body a few years ago! These Volvos are the current driver trainer fleet down here, seem to be a fair few of them. MX55 plates, not local. And lastly, an E200 sniffs the air having been serviced in the ‘proper’ former Southdown Hilsea West depot building, before a fittery type individual rags the shit out of it around the block and across the road to the afore mentioned parking area!
  3. Des O’Connor interviews “Jaws”…
  4. That is fucking immense!
  5. Coincidentally the number plate also states the top speed, owing the the *extremely aerodynamic* nature of these cars.
  6. The other problem with the K11 of course is that they seem to be a current favourite for the banger crowd, I see loads of them lovingly loaded onto the back of dubious flatbeds by a careful Hiab operator and off to meet their doom. That’ll kill a good few of them off I reckon.
  7. I like these. Remeber looking at them as a newly qualified and wet behind the ears licence holder, they were standard issue back then of course. They seem to represent a bygone era when small, disposable hatchbacks were just that and manufacturers still did cheap & cheerful warm hatch variants. These, the Saxo & C2 VTR/VTS, the Fester Zetec S or whatever it was…. Happy days!
  8. “Lifestyle vehicle”
  9. Three doors in non-hooligan spec were rare beasts, weren’t they? Decent chance this one will end up in hooligan spec, of course…
  10. Hope so! Better that than it’s gone to live on a council estate as vicious dog transport.
  11. Have we had this yet? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/166660543249?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=dLzQNmP2RIG&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=GOklRT1zS0y&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=EMAIL Lifesaving Ovlov hero, tarty/exclusive plate not included.
  12. Any value in tarting up the gold one to a proper ‘rat’ look - not that ridiculous bollox with all sorts of shite glued on, but an ‘unrestored’ look with the bare minimum done to make it safe & legal! I find that idea quite appealling!
  13. Fascinating tale, love stuff like this! That being said, the gold one - ten years on the drive with no windscreen? It’s fucked m9! Cut the front end off and hang it on the wall?
  14. All of them terminally dull!
  15. An Apple Airtag is what you want, concealed somewhere well out of the way. You can then track the location of the car precisely, as long as you have an iPhone!
  16. Easy to sound like a preachy tw@t, but it just shows how vital it is to keep vulnerable classics well secured - be it a clamp, crooklock or whatever if not a garage. Lucky this was likely either just opportunist idiots or someone professional enough to wait and see if it had a tracker etc, giving the opportunity to find it and get it back. If it were someone helping themselves to a Granny or a Tina etc it probably would have been sat ready to be stripped and trashed round a banger track within hours, never to be seen again Keep em safe, folks!
  17. Any scope to promote someone as his replacement?
  18. People playing music/video/noise out of their phone speaker on trains. WTF, is it just me who finds that unbelievably ducking antisocial? Usually it’ll be people somewhere under the age of about 30, but the most recent one was a perfectly respectable looking chap mid-50s, scrolling through YouTube ‘sharing’ the same AI-voiced nonsense that my 13 year old watches in the car. “How far are you going?”, I asked politely, and he tells me he’ll be on longer than the couple of hours that I will be. “Have you brought any headphones?”, I enquire. Of course not, but he looks embarrassed and asks is it “too loud”? Well, yes, because it isn’t coming through headphones is it, but through a sodding speaking into the sealed tube that you’re sharing with dozens of other people who have no choice but to put up with it. Normally I say nowt, as it’s usually only a short trip and you can’t have a polite word with the yoof of today anyway due to their rights, but is this sort of lack of awareness spreading to those of us who are old enough to know better now as well?! Or am I just a miserable barsteward?! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  19. SunnySouth

    Rozzer Shite

    The SD looks oddly dated in that company!
  20. That’s a fucking shame Always wrong to make assumptions, but the damage suggests it might have been killed by its owner? 😕
  21. SunnySouth

    Rozzer Shite

    Resembles a Matchbox set!
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