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eBay tat volume 3.


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4 hours ago, D.E said:


3 hours ago, High Jetter said:

Oof! Don't suppose it'll stay cheap tho

Aaand the hammond cars are already being flipped on ebay...


knowing how much @egg wanted this one (and the van), this makes me quite sad


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37 minutes ago, Poweredbyhopealone said:

I love these little things. Particularly how to modern eyes it looks like it should be a hatchback, but isn't.

Putting a cooking B-series in a scabby one of these is probably my most often had car fantasy.

They are though, well some of them.  The Countryman model looked exactly the same as the saloon until you opened the back, at which point a two-piece tailgate revealed itself.  Confusingly the Innocenti version (Italian and other European markets) had a one-piece lift-up affair.

I'm sure the B-series transplant has been done, but as with the Minor, it's a big chunk of weight to dump over the front wheels.  It's significantly bigger and heavier than the A-series they came with.  I've had mad ideas of using a 2.0 Pinto or 2.3 Volvo 740, but really, a 1.6 or 1.8 MX5 engine and box would be a long way more than adequate, and somewhat lighter.  And we all know how MX5s like to rot!

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34 minutes ago, MiniMinorMk3 said:

£10,000 Skoda


that's the one from Manor Park Classics auction earlier this year. I went there with a view to buy this but those blokes from the TV were bidding it up well past what it was worth because profits were going to Ukraine 

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Citroen XM 3.0Si V6 1990 for restoration or parts | eBay

'At the time of the fire I was doing a lap of Oulton Park'

Yeah, we've all used that under caution, M8.


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5087 MILES ONLY PEUGEOT BOXER Electric van, spares or repairs Camper conversion | eBay

Basically. it's an electric van, but the battery pack has gone. He bought a Jaguar I-pace battery (and some other bits) but helpfully sold the Jag battery. To try and compensate* for this, all the electrical drive gear will be removed prior to sale.


It's a £1,250 van for £3,950 and if you do convert it back to diesel you're essentially faced with a ticking time bomb 2.2HDi or a spazzy 2.3 Iv*co engine. 

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9 minutes ago, stendec said:

Zephyr Mk 4 "full restoration project" "currently not running" 



I like these because my grandad had one and hate them in equal measure because of the out of proportion front end, was these designed from the outset to have the spare tyre under the bonnet? 

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