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Trevor the Shed. A scruffy 1.6 BX

Meter rat

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Having lurched on here for a while, and being much jealous of everyone’s exploits and skills. I thought it was time to introduce my scruffy 1.6 BX Meteor. I didn’t do it earlier as I didn’t think anyone would be interested. I haven’t taken many photographs of any work being done, because it’s just me, getting on and mending stuff that I can do. Any way I have the mechanical skills of a retarded ant, and tend to make things worse, so I have decided to get the work done proper, as it works out cheaper.

The car is quite well known in the Citroen Car Club, so I am told, and a few pictures have appeared of it, including one of it lurking in the background on here.

The car was collected from Southport, in July 2017, It was “MOTed” we ran it for the rest of the summer, and the summer of 2018until the MOT ran out. It suffered a few faults, including the exhaust falling off, and damaging the car behinds’ sump, causing him to loose all his oil. It has also had one fail to proceed, caused by the coil failing. Most of the interior giffer bodges have been sorted by myself. It has now been welded, new LHM lines, new fuel lines, and other work to make it structurally sound, including new sub-frame mounts and steering work. Next winter will be an engine rebuild as it smokes on the over run, and finally the body will done. New wheels and tyres next month and MOT in March. I love it as it is, it’s comfortable, cruses at the same speed as modern traffic and has everything I need in a car.. The spoiler is being painted as it had the surface finish of crazy paving, and isn’t attached.attachment=236947:image.jpg]. I will also introduce my Acadiane which is trapped in the garage. But here’s a preview, with the MZ languishing in the back ground.









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Thank you for the replies. I wish I had the skills to do the thing all you people do. Mr Vugalour, mine required welding in the boot too, this was one job I would have liked to do myself, as I quite enjoy welding, however a leaking fuel tank, stopped me doing it. Also not having space, and need in the car to be movable, prevented me doing more. Not knowing how to post photographs didn’t help with starting a thread for it. New wheels, tyres and exhaust at the end of the month, then try and make a new washer bar for the wipers. MOT at the end of February. Poo fuel consumption? I get about 32mpg out of it, which I didn’t think was to bad. You have me wondering now, maybe I will have to measure it properly now it’s not pissing petrol out.

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When did the BX change from having a single spoke steering wheel to the 3 spoker on this one? My grandparents H reg St Tropez was a single spoke wheel.


It didn't. Single-spoke was for lower trim levels. The St Tropez is a povo spec with a few toys (pop-up sunroof and tinted glass). Multi-spoke was for the sportier models generally.

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Hah! a car I know relatively well. Used to belong to MNDE of this parish. We stripped the interior out of another 1.6 meteor that had fairly massive OMGHGF and fitted it to this car, as the original one for this car was quite badly sun damaged.


I've done some work on this car in the past, although I have to confess I'm struggling to remember what it was now. I know the exhaust centre box had been connected up incorrectly and that was rectified, and I have a feeling I did some welding on it somewhere, but I can't remember where. One BX looks much like another from underneath!


This would have been 10+ years ago. I'm quite impressed it's survived.




Found some photos for you!


This was the interior (and, as it turns out, a couple of the doors) being swapped over:








And I did do welding on this car. A fair bit. Passenger side under the washer bottle, passenger side inner wing, and a patch on the drivers side inner wing.


















All of these repairs were then protected by a coat of Zinc-based primer (Zinga/Galvafroid/David's 182 or whatever I had at the time) and then a topcoat of Bitumen based paint. I'd be fascinated to know if the repairs have lasted this long and the protection they were given has worked. Although the bulkhead repairs under the washer bottles are very hard to see, the inner wing repair should be easily visible underbonnet.


It served MNDE well as a daily driver for many years.


This was the donor vehicle being cut up (Which had also been MNDEs car). I sliced it into bite-size chunks surprisingly quickly.




The reason for it being scrapped:




This is about a similar time as Cavcraft of this parish managed to buy a 1.6 BX for £1.60 off ebay. They were utterly utterly worthless so a completely buggered head gasket was terminal, despite the rest of the vehicle being in tidy condition.


11 years ago. February/March 2008.

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Whilst not in the same league as Mr Vulgalours’ efforts, todays little victory has been to replace these. attachicon.gifD2A58CA3-5E12-4356-975C-BD2C928577FE.jpeg

And to repair, and install these.attachicon.gif5F987CD2-A497-4050-A69F-BA72EAECC557.jpeg

How did it go with the roller blinds? I'm considering doing a similar job on my Merc - I've got one with a buggered load cover and another with a buggered dog guard, I'll make one good one out of the two if i can figure it out.

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I did a write up over on the face book page, about repairs to the blinds. They were obtained from the scrap car in Derby, shown on Vulgalours’ page. They were gummed up and needed freeing off rather than repairing. They were carefully taken apart, cleaned and lubricated and reassembled. The hardest part was getting the tension right in the spring, oh and working out what went where after I foolishly took them both apart instead of working on one at a time, to give me a reference. I’m Atwater like that.


Mind you if you can follow what I have written, you’ll do well. I’d been up all night in the rain and cold, working on an electrical mains fault in the street, as apparently the selfish buggers want electricity to their homes. Some had the audacity to complain about the noise. They soon shut up when we told them we would leave them off supply and come back in the morning after breakfast.

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Today I achieved the sum total of jack shit.

Did more damage than repairs.

Set too to fit a new piece of trim around the handle and arm rest. Took it off ok. Whilst it was off I thought I would put some wax oil in the door and fit a new mirror which came with the car. Fitting it all back up and trying to fit the knob on the mirror, part of the mechanism broke.




Next I thought I would lubricant the sun roof. Got it open ok, would it shut would it f+%k. Took the motor out, found it would run one way but not the other. Dropped the fitting screws.




Found all but one. Got it back together and dropped the hand winder somewhere in the car, roof now closed but in the raised position, unable to find handle in car. Now dark so working by torch light.




Finally whilst looking for the handle, lent back on the seat, which promptly broke. This had already been repaired. Still a pisser.


Total afternoon of bastardism.

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