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Trevor the Shed. A scruffy 1.6 BX

Meter rat

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  • 4 weeks later...

Last week whilst hiding on the Orkneys for work these arrived.




Then some round, black rubbery things were attached.




And finally the whole assembly was suck onto the shed.




Trouble is I don’t know if I like them!

Waiting on a few more parts to arrive. I then have to paint the spoiler. And with a bit of luck MOT at the end of the month.

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After fitting the new wheels, taking up the old floor and removing all the wood work in the kitchen, and spending a small fortune on new floor tiles. I sat down and watched Scotland loose at rugby, and found what appears to be a very nice BX estate in Glasgow. I’ve just asked Mrs Meter Rat how slowly she would kill me. She just laughed, but I’m not sure it’s the kind of laugh that says “yes we could do with it as it would be good for towing the caravan, and there is space for shopping” or “I will kill you really slowly and painfully”.

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This is the only pic I can find of mine wearing the minging rimz it was fitted with when I got it.




They are currently down the bottom of the garden weighting down a large plastic sheet that's killing some weeds and brambles.


I blame the Autoshiter who sold them to me with no regards for you!


Well they looked ok in the dark when I test fitted them, but I think you are right not a good look.


And worse still is I have not fitted the 16v wheels on my BX to replace the steels with no hub caps yet!



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  • 3 weeks later...

Bastard, vengeful piece of French shit. Final preparations for MOT. What does the shit thing do? Get a puncture in the new tyre. Bloody builders next door spilt screws on the road. Tyre was put on, moved into garage and backed onto road, whilst car juggling. Now fixed, thanks to Mrs Meter Rat. Also whilst picking around, found a new bit that will probably need welding near seatbelt. Anyway putting in for MOT today and we’ll see what happens.

Is money spent proportional to shit given back by a car?

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  • 4 months later...
First time I’ve been under the car since it came back from Robs. It is all rather clean. Trying to locate a cracking sound and a rattle. The rattle appears to be the centre box of the exhaust collapsing. The cracking sound I cannot replicate, it seems to come from the suspension when it raises and lowers. It might be from the swing arm bearing, but I’m open to any suggestions. Getting it prepared for a trip to Scotland at the end month.07222DAE-9EB4-4DA5-AE68-705695957170.thumb.jpeg.45841c1c2f7a835abdc53f2cdacc4204.jpeg



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  • 1 year later...

I have not posted on here for a while, because to be honest I have not done much, due to life, and COVID getting in the way. Neither the BX or Acadian have been out. The BX is up for sale, or will be roffled in the next couple of weeks. I still love the car but it has been replaced by a car I have wanted  for a while now. 
1.9NA diesel estate. 
So far it has had a tow bar fitted. Wax oiled, and that has been it. Mechanically the Rev counter does not work, and there were no choonz. Easily solved, there were no speakers, despite there being a head unit. Body wise it needs rear bumper strips, and there is a bit of rust and a small dent in the roof and a bit of work to do on the wheel arch.  It is currently being loaded up, for a run to Dunoon on Thursday, where we we have bought a house to renovate. If you see us we will have bikes on the roof and Flat pack furniture from a yellow and blue shop.  But then again a white BX estate passing through Glasgow will probably be unusual enough.  I do believe there is one in the Glasgow area, as I wanted it, but it was sold from under me. Pictures to follow over the weekend.





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