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Saab 9-5 Aero auto estate. Full MoT. Just serviced. Price drop £550!

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So, boys and girls, here's the situation - there are now three 9-5s for sale on the forum!

I've decided to move the Saab on. It's an itch I'm very happy I've scratched, but it's not the right car for me. Specifically, I don't like the ride quality: it has been fitted with lowered suspension (Bilstein shocks and Eibach dampers, I believe) and it's just too firm for me. It's not completely ruined - I've ridden in stiffer cars - but I like a comfy wafty car so it's not right for me. You may love it.

It was made in 2001 so has the earlier face and the four-speed gearbox with no flappy paddles but must have been a bit of late-registration-madness because it wears 02 plates. This also means it has halogen headlamps which avoids the problem of height sensors being made of unobtainium. It has covered about 139,000 miles which will increase a little - I'm not commuting in it, but it is the weekend car/dog transport.

There's a genuine Saab dog guard fitted, up to you if you want that included or not. There's a bit of service history but it's patchy and the previous owner did all his own spannering so there's none from his time.

The MoT roulette is no more
The car now has an MoT until 3rd November 2019 and it has had a complete service. Couple of advisories:

  • Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases Front flexi section - Close to excessive (6.1.2 (a))
  • Offside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge Inner edge (5.2.3 (e))
  • Exhaust system corroded
  • Oil leak, but not excessive (8.4.1 (a) (i))

The biggy here is the exhaust: it needs a complete new system with all the rubbers and fixings. My local garage quoted a very large sum to do it, but suggested I find a decent exhaust from a breaker or crashed car. These have two cats and they're both done for (or probably will be before the next MoT, at any rate).

That tyre is the one with the slow leak so that needs doing soonish.

I was surprised about the oil leak as I do keep an eye on the level (these like to blow their turbos up if you let the level get too low) but apparently it's just because the engine bay was generally a bit oily - which seems to me like a fairly stupid comment to make about a 16 year old car.

The good
On the whole the car feels strong. It hasn't done anything to cause me concern and if I liked it I'd keep it for at least another year.
There are two keys (one of them held together with tape).
It has leather heated seats, A/C and climate control.
It has cruise control.
Almost everything on it works.
You don't have to change your own gears.
People will compliment you on your cupholder.
It goes very, very fast indeed and makes a pleasing turbo whooshy sound.
The gearbox has apparently been replaced with one that's about 50,000 miles younger than the rest of the car (done by previous owner so no paperwork).

The bad
Some odd dents in the bonnet, probably conker-related.
A bit of rust bleb in the rear passenger-side door and wing. They've been touched up by a previous owner but look like they might bubble through again.
The rear suspension creaks a bit.
The PAS makes a noise like an angry set of bagpipes at full lock, but I've been ignoring it because the steering works perfectly well (doesn't go heavy at parking speeds etc).
The Saab Information Display unit isn't working. You can fix this using a repair kit that costs about a tenner on eBay, or send it off to a company that will do it for you for about £45.
Same problem with the climate control unit but nowhere near as bad, it's still very much useable and personally I'd leave it alone for now.
Someone's installed an Aux cable into the stereo but it doesn't work.
The electric mirrors don't work. They go down but not in any other direction, so cleaning the switch will probably fix this. I've just never got round to it because they're set about right for me.
The volume controls on the steering wheel don't work.
There's a split in the wood trim on the dash, previous owner has "repaired" it with sellotape but it's hidden behind the steering wheel while you're driving anyway.
CD player is skippy (the bush kangaroo).
Indicator switch is a bit floppy.
There is a very slow leak in one of the rear tyres - it might just need re-seating on the wheel.
The windscreen is rubbish. Lots of pitting and small scratches, adding up to a pretty poor view in bright sunlight.

The modifications
I'm going on memory here because I didn't save the advert that I bought it from... I'm pretty sure the suspension is a combination of Bilstein and Eibach. There was also something about poly rose bushes I think?
I do have evidence for remap though - NoobTune gave it 275bhp and 420nm in 2013. Let's assume the suspension was done at the same time.

The location
Lewes, East Sussex BN7

The photos
They're not great, sorry - it's hard to take decent pics on a sunny autumn day with the sun low in the sky!

It has a dashboard.


This is an invisible repair. Honestly, you can't see it behind the steering wheel when you're driving.


General view from the hot seat.


Auto shifter. Has Sport and Winter modes, which both work. The shitty switch controls the Aux lead (that doesn't work).


Peeled cow.


The less nice side.


Rust bleb on arch.


Bubbly door.







Back seats.


Very big boot.


Very big engine.


Anything else you want to look at in particular, please let me know.

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Why not fit stock springs on? Is the suspension struts and shocks adjustable? Can then make it mostly stock without spending too much.

They're not adjustable.


I had thought about putting it back to stock, but that would just be putting money into a car that Mrs H and I have just gone off of. It's a lovely thing but not the right one for us.

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I've been informed on the Ask A Shiter thread that the horn may not be working because the SID isn't present - I'll test the theory this afternoon!  In that case I'd have to present the car for MoT with the SID in and send it off for repair afterwards.  I will edit the first post with my findings.


The car appears in my general chod thread here (Page 4 onwards if the linky doesn't work right).

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Followers of the News 24 thread will know that the mighty Saab passed its MoT today, and it is now road-legal until 3rd November 2019.


I also got it serviced.  It was due, and I wanted to present the car for sale in the best possible condition.


The bad news that it's going to need a tyre and a full new exhaust system before the next MoT.  Exhausts for these are not cheap so with that in mind I've dropped the shiters price to £550 - or I'd roffle for £10 per ticket with the balance going to the forum hosting fund if there's enough interest.


If you look at the MoT history you'll see there's a mention of an oil leak, but I wouldn't worry about that - they didn't actually find a leak, it's just generally oily in the engine bay.   I do keep an eye on the level and I haven't noticed any drop, I think it's just normal for the engine bay of a 16 year old car to be a bit grubby.


Having spent so much money on the car today I'm a little reluctant to spend more on getting the Saab Information Display working so I'm afraid that will be a project for the buyer.  If you're competent you can do it yourself with a repair kit that costs about a tenner from eBay, or otherwise I've had a recommendation for a company that does them for £45.  If you haven't got a dog, you can sell the dog guard and it will cover that.


I have edited the first post to reflect this.

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Lordy me, this would make an epic tow vehicle and already has a tow bar....If When I don't win the Volvo Roffle tonight I may have to have a dream about it..


How bad is the exhaust on a scale of 1 to completely fucked?


I'll be totally honest, I can only go on what the garage told me.


I was aware of the advisory on it when I bought it, but it didn't sound like it was blowing and to my ear it still doesn't so I was surprised to hear it had got so much worse.


The garage say it's fucked, and they've generally got a good reputation locally, but then they do have an interest in selling me a new one.


How far away are you, and do you have a pair of ramps?  You're more than welcome to come and have a look before deciding, but I have no means to raise it off the ground (apart from the jack, obvs).


EDIT: I think one of my neighbours has ramps, he's always tinkering with his car, so I may be able to borrow some...


275bhp and dogs in the boot, do you have to peel them off the back window when you arrive at your destination?


Cracking value, GLWTS.


Um, yes.  I use about a tenth of the pedal travel when the dog's in the car.


It's one of the reasons I'm selling, to be honest - all that power is totally wasted on me.  It is FUN when the motorway clears ahead of you though :)

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      Unfortunately it's came at the wrong time for me, as my hours at work have halved recently and I really need something with economies as I'm applying for jobs with a commute longer than my current 8 miles a day. A petrol V8 unfortunately won't be suitable.

      So to the car, it's absolutely brilliant tbh. Absolutely huge inside, comfortable ride, sits at just under 2k revs at 70 and goes like a fucking rocket with the foot down. 300bhp from the V8 engine. It's the ultimate barge. Gearboxes are a known issue with these cars, this one is smooth AF. selects every gear perfectly and goes through them smoothly when progressing. It has 103,000 miles on the clock, the car has full service history until 92,000 (mostly dealer) which was in 2009, it's barely moved in the past ten years,a couple of hundred miles between MOT'S each year. It was put back into service last summer, there's receipts in the glovey for an oil and filter change and an engine terraclean. Aluminium body on these cars as well so no rust, it scrubs up very well. 2 remote fobs and a spare 3rd key. Has a parrot Bluetooth thingy which is nearly new, it's been properly fitted, I'll leave it in there. Private plate with comedy RFL lettering included.

      That's the good bits, so what about the bad?

      There is a judder when braking above 35/40 mph. Brakes work well but can feel a pulse under the pedal. Will need looked at.

      Rear brake light warning light on,there is a light out on the drivers side, will get this replaced

      This car has previously had a coolant leak from the reservoir bottle and also one of the hoses, the previous owner repaired it prior to me buying it which cost £££ I believe, as access isnt great in the engine bay. It hasn't leaked since. It used to leave a few drips overnight on the ground, but has been dry the last couple of weeks.

      Tires have decent tread but have two different brands on the front and rear,which is a bugbear of mine.

      Aircon needs a regas m9.

      And that's it really. Car is MOT'd until July, and is located in Glasgow. £1750. I know it's not the usual AutoShite giveaway price but it's a beast of a machine. And I need to recoup my jaaaaaag money. A quick glance on autotrader has rough 3.7's and non quattro 2.8's for over 2k. Any questions please fire away. Cheers

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      So for various reasons, mainly money and hopefully, impending engagement/wedding (sshhhh) this is deffo for sale, with a discount for shiters.
      Currently, I am having the alternator replaced, as it basically died yesterday. I've sourced a good quality second hand one from a breaker with some warranty, and it's been checked and proven to work perfectly. It arrives in a couple of days, and I am paying to have it fitted. So the car is currently awaiting this in the garage.
      I've already got an alternative vehicle sourced and don't need any PX's, just a straightforward sale. This was purchased from Colc of this very parish, and has been fantastic, alternator issue aside!
      -130k miles, FSH - stamped book, countless receipts and paperwork, totalling thousands of pounds..mechanically absolutely brilliant. Recent stuff like turbo and other bits, engine is sweeter than your proverbial nut
      -Full leather with heated seats, Sat Nav, Cruise Control, dual zone climate control..all working perfectly!
      -recent full service by me approx 2k miles ago involving oil/oil filter, pollen, air..fuel filter included but I ran out of time and haven't actually had time to sit and do it since
      -rust free! underneath it is fabulous. Seems to have had a very recent new exhaust system too.
      -MOT till 19th November 2019!
      No knocks/bangs/ghosts/borrowers/cockroaches. It really does drive brilliantly. Comes with 3 keys, 4 matching Michelin Cross Climate tyres. Only negatives are it has a ding to the rear tailgate, and theres a small patch of paint that flaked off on the rear bumper thanks to aggressive car wash peoples.
      I'm located in Quinton, Birmingham.

    • By kinkersaab
      Just arrived today, on my breif test drive it seemed all good, no issues with engine/ box etc, no warning lights on. Nice inside with all the buttons i tried working. Scabby bits a plenty as is to be expected from such a premium brand.......   WARNING !  might cause you to turn into a tediously dull Golf driver and start quoting mpg figures.  Plenty room in the glovebox to leave your personality before you exit the vehicle and mix with others...…   

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