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Daft tyre names

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I have bit the bullet last night and bought 4 new tyres for the Disco 3 off tyreleader for the grand total of £380 but I did buy Goodyear Eagle F1s.....  I accidentally clicked on “all brands” and was shown hundreds of dodgy brands of tyres! It was hilarious. Was glad to get away from buying ditch finders for my landy 

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On 3/20/2020 at 7:16 AM, martc said:

HiLo - refers to the air pressure retention in relation to the owners manual. Also, coincidently, the accuracy of the equally cheap tyre pressure gauge purchased at the same time.

Or, does it reference the mental state of the owner. Hi cos it's a bargain init M8 saved loadsa bunga, lo when recovering the car from a ditch.

They're only allowed to be used in Hawaii.

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51 minutes ago, 5speedracer said:

Who the fuck thought "Sailfish" a suitable tyre name !!!

I think the two best so far are Triangle and Achilles. Neither are really something I'd want to associate with round things that need to work well

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Found this on the back of my latest Panda when I got it home. Name doesn't sound too bad but some of the rest of the writing doesn't inspire confidence.... Other side was a pretty respectable Kumho which was more promising until I noticed it was a different size to the other 3. Honestly, what some people do to their cars!




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Only real photo i have of the tyres on the picasso when i got it

this was a "dextero"

it did a 5 mile journey to a tyre place to be replaced straight away, being driven extremely carefully

i just don't understand how people can let their tyres get this bad, my fronts are almost at 3mm and they will be getting replaced in the next 2 weeks



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On 9/18/2020 at 10:53 PM, maxxo said:

month or so back i went on a date, i was acting like a normal person

that was.......until i spotted a linglong! i got all excited

might have to start looking for the daft names, i know for certain my neighbours 2010 nissan note has some interesting ones


Is that on a Kinglong bus?

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I had some linglongs on the BM not long ago, they came with some wheels I bought.....when I initially got them and stopped laughing at the name I looked them up on tyre reviews or some website......a chap who had purchased  a set and subsequently reviewed them summed them up perfectly....."if you want to live long, dont by linglongs".

I can confirm his findings.....they are widow makers.


Speaking for crap tyres I had some "Matadors" on a Mk1 1.2 clio....I was broke at the time but had two very close ones where I nearly went up the rear  of a transit and nearly through the front door a dentist......I found the money for some Pirelli's very quickly.

My Corolla T Sport came with some tyres call "Corsas".......I went full lock understeer at a wet roundabout doing like 25 mph, I decided they were not very sporty and binned them for some vredestein sport 3.....they were an excellent tyre.


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