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Daft tyre names


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On 9/28/2020 at 7:33 PM, bunglebus said:

Saw a Sincera too, but the owner was in the car




Orium tyres are owned by Michelin, but in the 70's were in partnership with BF Goodrich, information regarding their origin is very hard to find - they are made in a 'European factory founded in 1935'. There's a video of the very modern looking factory on Orium's website and it's got the look of southern Europe to me - perhaps a former eastern bloc factory? Being in league with the filthy capitalists at Goodrich in the 70's suggests it could be somewhere in the former Yugoslavia rather than one of the 'harder' Peoples Republics.



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Looking for info on Orium I stumbled across another 'mystery' brand - Zestino Tyres. They make racing slicks and 'drifting' tyres - something I'm not sure I would want to advertise. 

ZESTINO is a new tire brand intended for motorsport – drift, rally, circuit. Design and production technology is used from Japan.

ZESTINO TIRES EUROPE is the exlusive importer and distributor of these tires to Europe.

Zestino are based in Slovakia, but the mealy mouthed wording used above implies that they could be Chinese...

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41 minutes ago, morrisoxide said:

Churchill brand anyone.  

Oh Yes!


This car also sported Mazzini tyres on the back.

"We shall crash on the beaches. We shall fishtail unexpectedly on the landing grounds. We shall slide into fields, aquaplane in the streets. We shall fail to grip on hills. We shall never handle properly."

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10 hours ago, UltraWomble said:

The tyres that used to come as stock on Lada Riva's back in the 80's made me smile as they had Cyrillic writing on them - they lasted forever as they were super hard, had feck all  grip mind you.


Modern day Russian tyres have flowers on them.

That technology was pioneered I think on pushbike tyres first - Veredenstein's 'Flower Power'. Something to do with dandelions having rubber-like compounds in their roots.


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1 hour ago, Pieman said:

I read that (as probably intended) in the voice of Clyde from the Ant Hill Mob, and I hope everyone else did too :D

Well spotted - I always imagine that the rougher characters/workmen in US B&W films should speak like Clyde - some sort of Noo Yoik/Noo Joisy mash up.

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I recently had a flat in my Daf 33 & had to fit the spare. Although I'd fitted 4 new Firestone 135/80R13s about 18 months ago, I didn't change the spare. It looked O.K., it held the pressure, so I fitted it... Does ANYONE know if Serbia and Montenegro are known for their tyre manufacturing.....




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