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cars with triple windscreen wipers

messerschmitt owner

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yes, I know I'm a cheapskate Scotsman and I like cars with a single wiper at the front - like a BX or a merc E series but I was looking at a rusty E-type Shaguar and noticed it had a triple wiper array, and it got me thinking.


What other cars have triple wipers.


So, we have some E-types, and ...






let me think, yes, the UMM has a triple wiper assembly.


But what is it about the Iberians - because the Santana also has triple wipers - teeny, weeny ten inchers, but still three blades.


Can we think of a few more?



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Was thinking about wipers yesterday. I was a passenger in a new style Peugeot Partner van which has one massive wiper and one much smaller one. Now I am not particularly tall or anything, but spent the journey peering out through the huge unswept corner of the screen. How do manufacturers manage to fuck things up so badly?


Actually, come to think of it, when I bought the C2, it was pissing rain as I drove home from the auction house and I was massively underwhelmed by the wipers. Turned out that the moron previous owner had fitted them the wrong way round with the teeny one on the drivers side and the huge one on the passenger side.

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I bought an Alfa 156 JTD 2.4 and they have 1 long curved wiper and a short straight one. The run back up the M1 was interesting with them the wrong way round, both in tatters, 1 working dip with the bulb in upside down, Good job it was dark, lashing down and only 120 miles home. :mad:

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