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Jim Bell

l8rz Mercedes Brown Car.

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Scotty, have you seen that one on Canal Road?

It's outside that boarded-up pub, with stabbed tyres and a mossy exterior.


I assume you mean this one next to the PIMP STOP car wash, just coming out of Shipley?




Yeah, have been looking at it for a while wondering whats going on there.

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Well, bit of a catch up.


As we all agreed, the pressed plates were titwank so the originals were pressed back into service.  Theyre not a great deal better,  but heading in the right direction.



Fuck off with the old:






And hello to the new old:










And to the frontage:



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Unfortunately, the impulse purchase of the Merc has left the Shitpeas household a little financially exhausted.


An option is to pass it to a new keeper.  I know Autoshite might not be the best platform for sale of a car of this ilk, I thought I would advertise it here first.


It is For sale.


Some pics taken today:



So, its an E Series 2.3 2 door Pillarless coupe E230 C124.

It has stamped service history up to 113581. Its just over 124000 now.

MOT untill 10/08/15 - No advisories on last.

I have just given her a full oil service including ATF etc.

Has very recently had a Radiator. (see pic)

Has very recently had a rear screen (reciept)

Has very recently had 4 new tyres (see pic)

Has very recently had new Voltage Protection relay (reciept)


Spec -

New Sony Explod Head Unit.

Electric Ariel,

Central Locking,


Electric seat belt helper/butlers,

Push button rear headrest dropper.

Tilt and slide sunroof.


Electric pass mirror, manual drivers (seems to be a normal Merc spec?!)

Genuine Mercedes overmats from new (carpets are gr9)





All paint is good, with light scratching/minor scrapes in places.

There is NO rust. Mercedes cars of this era usually have a bit in the front wings, this one does not. It has been thoroughly inspected on a ramp and there is no rust. All suspension components are clean and in great order.


Brakes are spot on. All discs and pads have plenty of meat. And meat is life.

Handbrake pedal and release hands opperate as they should.


Gearbox operates A1, and changes smoothly. Kick down operates as it should and is lively enough to compete off the lights. Sports and Economy modes are available and function as they should.


Wheels could do with a refurb if youre choosy, but tyres are new.





Hunched geordie takes arch pics:

















Inside the arse:
















Ice and wood:







New rad:









Electric ariel:










New Rubber:







Exterior goodness:































So whats wrong with it?


Well, its not perfect.




Drivers door has suffered lock barrel damage in the past.  Central Locking functions fine from passenger door.


Oil pressure gauge doesnt work (but pressure is fine). Guessing it needs a sender £25 :



Rev counter is very lazy. Guessing it needs the cam sensor  £40:



Clock is a bit lazy too.


All of the above might relate to the binacle too, so I have purchased a replacement (though it displays higher miles) but good news is it has Economy gauge, which the original doesnt:








Price and location:


I'm looking for what I paid which was £1500 straight.

It will be going on Carandclassic if theres no shitter interest. May be interested in part ex with cash my way (as I'm skint).

Offers considered.


Located North East coast. NE30. Local to Scotland, Cornwall and London by means of road, train and plane.


Cheers all.

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That's fantastic, you can now have discussions with Trigger about who outranks whom


I doubt anyone can out wank me.


I'm only just spotted this thread, what a smart looking car, I can see a lot of my 190E in that as well. I doubt who ever buys it will be disappointed.

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If the oil pressure gauge is dead and rev counter work about one third of true engine speed its almost certainly a bad earth to the cluster, dunno why they go, sometimes they just do. Wire another earth to somewhere behind the dash and try that before thinking of oil pressure senders, the binnacles themselves aren't that bad to remove (bit stubborn at first sometimes, proper tools would help, I mean properly bent bits of coathanger) and the gauges are easy to disassemble, wouldn't be hard to chop the set with the economy meter into the binnacle thats already there if you do go down the route of putting in another earth wire.


GLWTS and all that, seems a shame to sell, haven't you got any kidneys or anything you could flog instead of this?

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What a lovely car these are. Pre facelift for extra points too. These absolutely have to be a good investment for the future as values will go up.


There aren't many 1500 quid cars that could realistically be owned and driven by someone utterly minted but that's one of them. Add a nice private plate (That'll be RTY4 and not DAZ935876578 or H1 CNT) and you could be The Duke of Shropshire or Arnold Clark.

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I love this car. Somebody buy it before I do something stupid with money I don't have.


Funnily enough, I'm giving away a free Haynes Manual to any purchaser who's Username is a form of percussive instrument.


And fish and chips from North Shields Fish Quay.

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Guest Lord Sward

Too Far North for me, but have a bump anyhow.


ps, Advance Radiators is your friend for proper plates...

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I'm just gonna have to start selling drugs. But with OEM wheels and no tints. 


Txt me for all your Ibuprofen, Sanatogen, Polygrip Ultra, Feminax, Sennacott and Bazzooka that veruca needs.


I do liver.

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    • By davehedgehog31
      I've had various threads on the go for different collections this year, but thought I'd condense my threads into one manageable thread to document my ham-fisted tinkering.

      At the turn of the year I was driving a nice, dependable, modern 2011 Peugeot 407 and no other vehicle. It was nice enough, but boring as feck. I'd bought it after a series of disastrous heaps in the awkward age bracket of being new and valuable enough to worry about but old enough to be fucked. The 407 was just too new, too bloated and dull. I had a hankering for old metal, my Mineral Oil withdrawal pangs were strong.

      From January I started looking, there were eBay bids, missed reserves, wasted trips from Gumtree and other such nonsense. I happened on an automatic Rover 216 GSI with one giffer owner from a year old. The chap was giving up driving at 93 years old and his grandson was moving it on. I bid, and failed. It was in London though, about 420 miles away so I wasn't all that bothered. Of course when he offered it to me for my losing bid after the winning buyer was a no show I said yes. I was on the Megabus down to that London overnight for about £15. I hung about in Liverpool Street station like a mad shivering jakey until my train out to the suburb for my first sight of the new steed. It was battered outside but had been well looked after. A frankly insulting amount of cash changed hands and I was away up the road.

      We had many adventures together, it was dependable and it whet my appetite for interesting old motors again and proved that the very bottom end of the market was navigable if I had the patience to wade through the sea of shit to find the odd pearl.

      The 407 was still on the fleet at this point but I was covering a lot of miles in the Rover, with a long commute though the fuel economy wasn't ideal. When a friend's mother was looking for a new diesel saloon to replace the faithful old Xsara she had a scheme was concocted. I sold the 407 to her and was on the hunt for an interesting replacement.

      When I was growing up my dad had a succession of hopeless shitters, indeed I was brought home from the hospital as a newborn in a brush painted Skoda Super Estelle. The best car he had was a red XUD Peugeot 405 with air conditioning and electric windows. So when I found a 1994 GTXD advertised by someone who could actually compose a car advert in the fashion you would expect of a human being educated to a Primary School level, I pounced.

      Of course I couldn't buy a car just down the road so it was on the train to Birmingham. First class no less. I stayed in an absolute flea pit of a hotel and drove up the road the next day. This was a proper bit of nostalgia and a really practical borderline classic car. It had been fastidiously maintained by the previous owner. Apart from there being a hole where there was once a stereo and the lack of working air con it was a pleasant drive home.

      Given their relative scarcity and how dependable this one has proven so far, it's a keeper, I'd struggle to part with it.

      Two cars just wasn't enough to worry about, so this Citroen C1 was acquired. Pure Aleppo spec. A camel can go for weeks, or months without stopping at a watering hole, the C1 has a similar thirst for Motor Spirit. Man maths were employed and worked out that it would easily* pay for itself.

      There have been further movements, I'll recap them shortly. I should probably do some work.
    • By Fabergé Greggs
      Lads, lads, lads. Its been ages since I bought a thing, and I LOVE BUYING THINGS. I couldn’t sleep last night, for instance. 
      I feel great because buying vehicles SOLVES ALL OF LIFE’S PROBLEMS (apart from parking permits). 
      Anyway, I just agreed to buy a thing, with collection commencing today or tomorrow. 
      In the meantime, let’s spy on the vendors house on street view shall we? My little bundle of joy is tucked in behind that rather tasty 164. 

    • By flat4alfa
      Bought this off Bramz last month, done a few hundred miles in it.  Perfectly reliable, school run kaos etc
      But had some sudden and big household bills loom, so having a big sell-off

      MOT is only to end of this month though. But everything works - all windows, no dash warnings; it's been a handy and hunky dory motor car.  Interior tidy.  Exterior pretty clean, bar the odd knock and scuff and arch bubble.  It's not a shed by any means.
      History file though up to a point, recent bills for service items, but cambelt roulette.  132k.  Tyres are about 18 months old, but they are budget ditchfinders.  I intended to keep it, wanted this exact spec for years, but will have to let it go after all.
      It will need that dicky front caliper replacing as the stickiness comes back after a few days after freeing it off.  Discs look to have little time left on them too.  Bonus is being the non-Turbo it has drums on the rear.  Synchromesh scratchy when cold, clutch feels a bit crunchy action but plenty of meat there
      Bonuses are: it's green, it's the estate, excellent heater, it's AWD for snowzombievirus kaos, got insurance cover it on classic multicar policy (Hagerty) as now it's old enough 1998
      I just need to get my money back.  It owes me 400 notes.  Can go today
      Yes, the number plate is now fixed properly

      Located M1 corridor Watford <> Luton
      £7 a ticket or 3 for £20
      I'm keeping the Alfa 156 Wagon for now 
    • By C1am
      Well, OK, just a few brochures for sale, after having sorted through my pile over Christmas.
      The postage price will vary according to weight, so the prices below exclude postage - we'll sort this out in PMs. Obviously, if anyone wants more than one, I'll send them together. All are in excellent condition, with some very minor age related creases.
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