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Eye-catching black and whites


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7 hours ago, lesapandre said:

Here is the Singer - yes you are right. That puts the photo at 1948 or later.



Isn’t there two Ford Pops ( light colour between the lorries on the right and a van with ladders on the left), which would make it 1953 or later. 

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Possibly - but that body shape was originally introduced in 1937 and ran right through to the late 50's with little variation.

I think if it was 1953 we'd see a few more popular Post-War cars in shot like the Morris Minor (introduced 1948) etc - so my guess would be 1948-49 for this picture. 

All conjecture of course.

Lovely old photo. Given how busy it is must have been market day or some event. Of course petrol up to 1950 was rationed - so maybe it is just after rationing ended which would put the photo at 1950.

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5 hours ago, martc said:




Britt Ekland and Peter Seller at the Radford showroom in Hammersmith, London 1965. The new luxury Radford Mini De Ville was a wedding gift for Britt.

Peter long gone of course, the Radford who knows but Britt is still here as seen in this great clip...


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Early 1920 - this couple have taken their well-used Rudge and sports sidecar onto the beach for a holiday. Note the decorative disc wheel covers on the wheels: no worry about covering the brakes as there are none on the front and sidecar. There's also a lucky shamrock and stuffed black cat mascot - won at the amusements?

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3 hours ago, lesapandre said:

1970 or just after. Someone learning to drive in that Farina - possibly Riley?

Triumph outside M&S is J reg.

Viva HC on the other side of the road, introduced in late 1970

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Not sure if this is appropriate here, but it is at least a black-and-white and autoshite related. . .


Dunno where it dropped out of, but I found it on the floor of my hallway where's there's boxes of picture frames and other stuff waiting to be sorted before being taken to the charity shop. It's a drawing of mine, well just half of it anyway, from when I was a younger teenager ..before school exams loomed, and before motorcycles focused my attention - so I'd guess at over 50 years ago.  When on rainy non-school days I'd used to copy pictures of cars and other stuff from action comics and all sorts of magazines.  This depiction was of course was from a comic strip of the Desert Rats during the Second World War.  Perhaps one or two or you will remember which issue of which magazine it was.?


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On 1/18/2022 at 3:27 PM, somewhatfoolish said:

Could be a front cover from Commando or several similar publications.

I think it must have been The Victor  comic c. 1971.   I did a quick search " UK comic 1970's Desert Rats " and their 'Book for Boys' of that year depicts its gunner wearing a turban.  It is possible that I had the annual Book for Boys as a Christmas present that year, or else the comic strip I copied from might have been from sometime nearby that publication.  


My memory over 51 years is as sharp as it ever has been, after all in 1971, when I was 15 turning 16 years., I could only remember back some ten years !  :D


p.s. My apologies for the thread drift

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