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Lazy spotters thread


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6 minutes ago, High Jetter said:

^^^ Wow, some prime chod there! The Cambridge and Corsair look in really good nick.

Yeah, never seen that Cambridge before, shame it was getting dark, the pics came out crap.
I think the Corsair has just had a restoration, that bloke also owns the Humber Arrow & Avenger estate + a VW T2.

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3 hours ago, mitsisigma01 said:

If you see a Pug 206cc Allure in blue on one of their wagons it's mine, probably already stripped and crushed, it was collected yesterday lunchtime... Hopefully the £265 will soften the blow of losing a dearly departed creaky clonky leaky incontinent piece of tat!!! 


They had my Scoupe a couple of weeks back too. They are non-stop at the moment, I had to wait 8 days for them to collect the Scoupe, a couple of years back they were next day, but according to the bloke I spoke to "we cant keep up because of ULEZ", God knows what gems are being unceremoniously binned...


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19 minutes ago, Asimo said:

That Cab: 55,000 miles and 9 months MOT.  Are  Diesel London cabs completely worthless now because of ULEZ / electric vehicles etc?

That & the fact UBER & Covid have obliterated the black cab trade. There's fields full of them where so many black cab drivers have packed it in over the last year.

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