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Opel Monza GSE Automatic. Rust


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  • 4 weeks later...



4th gear doesn't work, the button next to the gear stick doesn't work, rear wiper doesn't work, front fogs dont work, heater does work but screams after a while, electric sunroof doesn't work, pass electric window works intermittently, electric mirrors dont work, rear parcel shelf is broken at sides so droops down at the back, tailgate struts dont work, radio doesn't work, bonnet release is detached from its fixing, intermittent wiper doesn't work, occasionally it will but wont park the wipers correctly


Getting there!




Today I was trying to figure out why the Hazards and the Indicators flash too fast most of the time.


Found a brake light bulb in the NSF Indicator... changing that didn't solve it.


OSR side light went off under braking and the brake light wont work.


With side lights off, when indicating the rear side light for whatever side illuminates constantly.


Then it got dark so I gave up.


Gonna completely remove the light units tomorrow for a better look with the Fluke Meter.




Some well aimed penetrating oil cured the screaming heater. So now winter is gone the damn windscreen demist works. I don't get very much heat. And not all the vents seem to function. I'm still considering taking the dashboard out, I think some of the ducting might not be connected.

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  • 2 months later...

I said I was going to do it.




I'm taking water in, initially the bulkhead drains needed clearing, but it is still coming in.


It was seaping in between the gap where the ventilation/ heater ducts ran through bulkhead. As a precaution I'm gonna remove and seal and refit.


Also now the heater motor is accessible, sadly £170 for a new one but I don't want to be doing this ever again so its worth it for peace of mind.


Here is my concise list of jobs now it is in bits:


1. Front foglamps need connecting still from when front end was stripped. Easy. One full of water and yellow, will look for replacement but fix for now.


2. Repair part of loom that was damaged with grinder. Easy


3. Fix headlamp wipers. Tricky I rekon


4. Fix intermittant wipers. have not worked in 5 years, except on the way down to Lincoln on Tuesday, they came on out of the blue and functioned fine the whole trip!!!! Weird


5. Heater blower, spend £170 on a new one from eBay as it HAS to be right


6. Fix rear wash wipe.. switch lights and very occasionally the motor graunches into very noisy action


7. Fix hazard/ indicator circuit. Flashes too fast, not the bulbs


8. Fix left hand window up switch


9. Fix all dash board illumination bulbs


10. Ensure heater blower heats up properly, car would never warm up much in winter, although could be the VENT thing I found being open so may not be a fault


11. Fix rear window demist


12. Install better speakers


13. Fix horn again


14. Fix rear light short circuit/ bad earth


15. Replace mising over rider/ number plate lamp


16. Ensure all interior lights work including in the boot, and glove box

17. Fix bonnet realase lever back onto A pillar


18. Make water tight. Check: windscreen rubber, sunroof, sunroof drains, door seals, bulkhead drains, anything fitted to bulkhead where water could get.


Anything I can do is getting outsourced and the bill is gonna be huge, potentially

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Here's the culprit:




Once I've worked out the best product for sealing this I will get it done, put back together, hoy a few more buckets at it and hope it stays dry!


The door gasket, and door seals could do with replacing too.

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  • 5 years later...

Some time in 2020 I put this in for MOT and it failed on a few bits of welding. Two small holes in each front chassis leg, and then a small hole in the OSF inner wing.

Then lockdown happened so I decided to take this to the scrapyard to make a proper job of the inner wing.20210222_055357.thumb.jpg.82d8d8a7c12b0b8e54d8ad7533cd4ac0.jpg

There is the hole and a knarley looking suspension turret 😬





I did some investigating with my grinder and finally it became clear why water was coming in the footwells.


My heart sank as the rot went into the bulkhead, including almost all of the bulkhead side panel. These are not available new, they were part of the bulkhead assembly.


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  • SambaS changed the title to Opel Monza GSE Automatic. Rust

Then had to address an area slightly further forward...



In the photos it looks like I didn't put the steering box reinforcement bracket back on but I assure you I did.

And then after rebuilding all the brake callipers took it for retest and the MOT man decided to fail it on more welding that he missed like four weeks prior 🙄


Not really happy with the finish of the glossy black paint but should keep the salt off for now. Can be sanded off and finished properly at a later date.



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Monza been pressed into daily service since I drove my Saab to Bulgaria and left it there in December.

Today on the motorway the engine decided on catastrophic failure so apologies to the bloke I literally told yesterday that I had a spare engine to



The plan is to fit my spare engine and possibly the gearbox too, then this one can come apart at my leisure and I will see if anything is salvageable. Its been burning 1.5 litres of oil per week and my mechanic told me it was about to blow up last year!

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8 hours ago, sutty2006 said:

I almost love monzas more than I love mantas. I’ve always wanted a monza they’re cool as penguin testicles. I’m after some front seats for a monza if you know of any. Keep up the good work! 

I've always thought the Monza to be a nice sort of car to have. Sufficiently non-shouty to let you keep your head down but with sufficient poke to allow you to make progress. You can't help feeling that GM needlessly gave up the larger car market to the premium* badges.

I made me wonder if someone somewhere had considered that a Monza with a V8 would be a very capable device indeed. And, of course, someone had.



Now, wouldn't that be nice to have?

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I remember either a diplomat or a captain for sale in the uk with a V8 up it. IIRC the only one still about. Owner was a prick. He wanted to rip the engine out for a chevette project and scrap the shell. Wanted to flog the dip/capt for a high price “or I’ll scrap it when the engines out” kinda bloke. Proper boiled my piss. V8 engines are plentiful, those cars ain’t. What a weapon. Sore subject that. 

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