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Rusty Monza shite


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9 hours ago, Andyrew said:

Im guessing theres a story behind the missing chunk of bumper, busted light and scratched quarter panel?

Frustratingly, one of the contractors reversed a loader into it……whilst many would be miffed, he owned up, covered the costs of the parts and was hugely apologetic……… I mean, the dent is the least the problems now!



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10 hours ago, Skizzer said:



That was one of my favourites  from the Restoration Show last year — a still from the video here:


Will follow with interest. My Royale is developing a few bubbles here and there from past repairs.

I’m not thinking about them.

The mission, which I may or may not accept, is to have it back at the NEC mid resto this year.



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3 hours ago, andy18s said:

Maybe a better starting point,or even  a source of panels/spares..


Wooooo don’t start throwing logical and sensible decisions around here……I don’t do such things!


also, if I buy a spares car, it will likely be better than mine, so I Will end up needing a spares car, to fix the spares car , then give me spares to fix mine

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  • 1 month later...

It’s going to the NEC, welding not yet started……so like a pair of drunken teenagers who have just found a grinder, we set to work! It’s just been cut and inch away from where the spot welds are (which will need time to unpick), so very much more for getting people’s attention.

in theory, proper welding starts next week.










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It was great to see this at the NEC in all its, er, glory. You were busy when I stopped by but I had a good chat with your mate.   Looking forward to following your progress.

I do hope my Royale doesn’t look like this underneath. I don’t think it does, but it too has had some work done in the past so it might have its own “sorry” written under there somewhere.

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A local chap has found himself out of work and he welds……. Get ready for an almost unheard level of commitment!

it rains…..I mean biblical, get the Ark out rain…..so he builds a tent and carry’s on.

4 hours graft saw the the top rail of the rear panel cut out, templated and new metal let in


after 4 hours of rain, we decided that’s was enough.








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