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  1. Its looking like a car again, leg off, leg on! 😁
  2. I owned one for 24 hours, didnt drive it just bought it and sold it on for a tidy profit!
  3. Sorry forgot! doesnt look like ive any gaskets left at the mo, if you not in a rush I may have more in a few weeks
  4. Good little motors for the time, bit of niche market which should make them cheap, the Vauxhall Owners Club 1903-1957 would be the place to join for spares/support
  5. I am showing 2 new genuine GM windscreens in stock, a clear and a green tint, £100 each but you would have to collect from North Lincs
  6. You can get a heavy duty gasket for the pans, tougher than cork and doesnt squidge out the sides like cork does, not sure if ive any left but cant check until Wednesday
  7. Result on the pass, it does look tidy though, good luck sorting the oil leak on the gearbox they always seem problematic when the get older, they just seem to sweat oil! the dipstick tube O ring is another culprit
  8. Did you need a new lock? got a few for the non tilting column but they dont come with the fixing shear bolt or lock barrel
  9. Ignore this, just saw it a Z1.6XEP, must all be built into the MAF?
  10. If its the air temp sensor it should be part number 12129596 cheap enough to try
  11. Ooh that interior! do you think the previous owner expired in there!!
  12. There you go, not worth me trying to find an envelope for that money https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331543501853?fits=Car+Make%3AVauxhall&itmmeta=01HQZKKN15YGR6A71XKB63J2NT&hash=item4d31885c1d:g:L94AAOSwT~NeKDVG&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4E7kjaO8Zq7sCq3%2FyzWS5WsEn2kx2okX3vJLFbRVgPOx4w3Cs0nCX35q2dnYi4mbpitcXFq3vmy5%2B9ukzzyultZUWWMCCTPU8KlxBObJzhQKaH2CXsZYUkEcFk2%2BUP7hZi6ObKQrUZn3IaYSOEiGjgCNzSZ5tTWlINVo7jGihIMg68eJyjtpeK%2B7dQgu2VgXJtuQrwDkkqLkWLkxGuiny41fl0p7T2XjhrcvacbKeMGDcKb6V63D0S88k6ebJSxU%2B84rq5gWDv7PYXizmShz%2FjeHhz92pVBP4P6s92E0PH51|tkp%3ABFBM2tDO879j
  13. Quality work on the carpet 😝 we also had a bit left over and used it for radiator fan shroud mate...
  14. Just to confirm the bolts will be M12 cap heads with a pitch of 1.5 and 40mm thread length, not sure on the grade but would assume either 10.9 or 12.9, GM part numbers 90095050 or 90348294, just ping me a message if you get stuck for anything
  15. I might have some new caliper bolts, let me check and let you know, if you need front flexi hoses there were different versions depending on chassis number and also be carefull as Vauxhall were hopeless with brakes around this era with them mixing and matching parts from different engined models!
  16. The calipers dont seem that special or difficult to find, this was the 1st one that came up?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/355468798678
  17. Thats a tidy looking thing, practical as well, are the 1800s slow as a slug?
  18. There you go, these are 90277034 which changes to 90487451, all new but a couple have been stored poorly and have a few marks on the face which probably wouldnt notice once fitted
  19. What part of the country are you? Ive got the GM Tech 2 diagnostic thingy but im North Lincolnshire
  20. I feel your pain with the bumper bolts, too be fair when they are a bit newer they are captive in the bumper bar, still looking for the radio displays which I know I have somewhere, i can see them in my mind still in the little leather carry cases! I will keep looking but im a bit sidetracked with my "not a restoration"
  21. Ive got a stash of Carlton stuff as I have a 24V GSI, 24V estate and a 1.8i estate, did run a couple of 24V Senators but rust got them! I have some radio displays but will need to have a rummage! I prefer the Opel wheel, got one on my 24V estate funnily enough 👍
  22. We have the technology if you want to get the Senator back on one key!
  23. As well as the nut there is a special locking washer and an additional spring your missing, I might be able to sort a keyed alike barrel depending on the key style if your stuck
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