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Opel Monza GSE Automatic. Rust

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I'm just going to randomly attach pipes to the 4 extra spouts joining one to the other. The alternate was to put on a pipe with bolt on each and jubilee clip but may as well attach them to one another. No idea what they were meant to do on the Carlton this is for.



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Well I'm part way there, but have ran out of over-paintable underseal. This will have 3 extra layers to keep it safe from doing a repeat of the old one.




Should anyone be interested these are the products on test. No idea how well they will work in the long term.



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I've had enormous trouble with this since fitting the new tank, it would barely run some days.


I put a bottle of STP Injector cleaner through it, followed by a full tank of petrol and some Redex fuel system cleaner and a set of new plugs. Went to Huddersfield today for a clutch cable for the Samba Style and I think she's fully run in now.


Got 15MPG to work and back last week before injector cleaner and plugs.

Got 33.6MPG today mostly motorway drivng.


Couldn't ask for better really.


Oh and the trip computer is working again fully since I filled the tank up. Win.



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RE the tape player, I've taken it out and found an ISO adapter to use the original loom, just awaiting disposable funds for a new head unit.


RE the gearbox:




Rang a mobile mechanic to come have a look, he was out in 10 minutes, had it diagnosed in 5 and after we all failed to find 6 new bolts had it back together provisionally until I can source the correct new M10 50mm fine 1.25 pitch allan cap bolts.




Better than £700 for a box second hand or £300 + for an LSD differential second hand, or £200 ish per drive shaft!

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A never ending story.....


Put toe down the other night and she didn't like it. I though a HT lead had come loose, sadly nothing so straightforward could be found.


Took rocker cover off today:




That'll be that then. Snapped rocker.


Part ordered. No motah in the mean time.

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Wouldn't know what I was looking at unless it was cracked or something. This will be the third to break in the 2000 miles me and this car have done. The other 2 were 4 years ago.


Have you looked at the remaining rockers and checked for wear / fatigue?

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Is there any right or wrong way to tighten these rocker arms?


Noticed some seemed loose where others didn't, tightened all up.... engine wasn't happy.


Backed all off and now it seems fine.

I may have a HBOL for the 2 litre engine which is much the same in 4/6 kinda way if I remember correctly, I've had Monzas, Mantas and Asconas. Want me to looky see if I can find it? I remember when I did the cam and followers in a Manta it took ages for the followers to shut up.

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Yeah would be a start to consult Haynes for the 4cyl I guess.


As much as I moan about the content of Haynes I wish they did one for the Monza!


As the hydraulic tappet popped right out, after putti g it back it took a while to fill up with oil and thus shut up! But its quiet now

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