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Shite in Miniature II


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This Whizzwheels Transit was in with a few bits that arrived a while ago, as always missing the tailgate.


So I made one. Original has two windows but that looks odd to me on a tailgate


Quite pleased with that, it's got a cut down pin glued at the top so it slides in the channels correctly. Had to detail it of course

*oops* forgot to paint the rear bumper


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Too hot here for anything constructive (and I did actually try, for once) so time to unpack some stuff and get it into the cabinet at last. That the management is away for the afternoon in no way* influenced this course of action. Most of this last seen by me  on a rainy Essex October afternoon. 




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15 minutes ago, Amishtat said:

Too hot here for anything constructive (and I did actually try, for once) so time to unpack some stuff and get it into the cabinet at last. That the management is away for the afternoon in no way* influenced this course of action. Most of this last seen by me  on a rainy October afternoon. 




What's the caravan?

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Some tiny shite has arrived, thanks to a thread on a model railway forum alerting me to a range of keyrings by a French firm called Z Models, which I had never heard of. They're made to a standard size so the Alpine and Golf are somewhere between OO and HO but the Clio, 205 and R4 are just about spot on OO. The bodies are solid diecast but the bases are separate and the wheels do rotate, and the key chains were easily snipped off the back - I think they're far too nice to be used as intended and get battered around in a pocket and I suspect most will end up as model railway scenery.






Elly and my old Fiesta on size comparison duties :)



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1 hour ago, eddyramrod said:

There's a lot of truth in what you say...

I have two of those caravans which I've restored, but can I get a door anywhere?  It's not something Mr Flowers does.

Ought not to be too hard to make one, surely? Bit of that model railway plasticard and some patience cutting out the window and you're away. 

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2 hours ago, Amishtat said:

Ought not to be too hard to make one, surely? Bit of that model railway plasticard and some patience cutting out the window and you're away. 

You might be right, you know.  The original Dinky door didn't even have a window.  Maybe I just need my Big Boy Pants...

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Just as a heads-up, I'm going to try for the market tomorrow morning - so, in the off-chance that the remaining older Corgi and Dinky stuff is down to £5 rather than £10, is there anything in particular from last week that anyone covets?





Lesney stuff too - £3 asking price last time, and likely to be the same tomorrow.



My phone screen's still busted and temperamental, and I'm not sure I'll be able to stay all that long - so a live event involving pics and writeup, then coffee, then a return jaunt to fulfil requests may not be possible... but hey, I'll see what I can swing.

If he's still wanting a tenner each though, he can whistle for it.

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20 minutes ago, Datsuncog said:

is there anything in particular from last week that anyone covets?

That Chevy Astro if it's a fiver! No interior will be a good bargaining chip, sure a donor will emerge eventually. Haven't got anything with those red wheel centres so it'd be a nice place to start

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Nope, if previous form is anything to go by, he'll usually price everything higher for the first week, then drop it once the stuff that's genuinely worth it has been sold - and then keep dropping it until it goes.

That's why I managed to pick up so much stuff for £2 in April that was priced at £5 in December.

Fingers crossed!

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11 hours ago, andrew e said:

watch out for the Gazelled Avenger  😂

Well now, how prescient... this was my view upon arrival this morning.


I know, I know. It feels small-minded and petty, but that's kinda where we are these days... I got into the market 15 minutes before the official opening time, and the one-man diecast hoover was still in ahead of me.

As it appears, there's been no price drop from last week - bigger Corgi and Dinky are still £10 a throw.




Lesney are static at £3.



And why would they fall, when The Nemesis continues to buy 'em at that price?

Clearly Blokey's managed to shift a goodly amount of them, even at top whack - there wasn't much from the requests above remaining, sadly.

One A105 remaining, with the glazing intact, just loose inside the shell.


But strong enough money at £10.

Some new items seem to have appeared though:


Victor FB might scrape a tenner if the bootlid were in place - but it ain't.


He's had better Corgi Camaro SS models on the stall for a tenner in the past - though if all it needs is a repro windscreen, this could be worth it.

And is anybody salivating over the Gerry Anderson-esque Corgi High Speed Fire Engine?

Thought not - though it is very very clean.

Pricing squashed tat like this Mini at a tenner is just wasting everyone's time, though.


And then I spotted this, off in a display case to the side:


Criminey. I knew what it was straight off, too: a Spot On AEC Major flatbed, which has sadly been sloppily repainted (but crucially, not drilled), and missing an axle.


Even in this state, I daresay £20 isn't an unreasonable sum. These are pretty rare beasts in anyone's book.

While making enquiries about this one, the following curious interchange occurred with Market Blokey:

"Are you going to be back round later?"

Um, yes, maybe...

"Because I've got some boxed stuff here. But I don't want to put it out while he's around"

At this, he nodded over towards The Nemesis, still rootling through the Lesneys.

"Come back in an hour..."

So, intrigued, I decided to do just that. I'm now over at the side with a coffee, waiting for The Gazelled Avenger to piss off.

But this is an interesting development in the stallholder-customer dynamic.

What is it about The Nemesis that Market Blokey wishes to withhold certain diecast from him...? I thought he'd be his top customer... unless he drives a hard bargain with his bulk-buys, and Blokey just about breaks even on the deal?

Most curious.


I took a turn round the rest of the market, but there wasn't a great deal to see.

The Charity Stall must have offloaded the big Tamiya Renault F2 from last week - sorry @andrew e!

I did move a load of 2000AD comics out of the way to find this lot, though:


Mostly Tonka alongside some distressed Corgi. The 1990s F1 car at the front is marked Hot Wheels.

This small, Japanese made Tonka custom van drew my eye for some reason:



Quite smol, for a Tonka.


Not sure what's happened to the Corgi Minor, but plainly nothing good.

Standard-size Tonka dune buggy a smidge rusty, but intact:


No-name Hong Kong pressed steel Porsche(?) not too bad either.


EDIT: it's also a Tonka - I couldn't see a name on the surface-corroded base, but I've just zoomed in on the tyrewalls.

So that's about that, for now... I'm intrigued about the boxed stuff, though also prepared for it to be either a bit crap (like the badly scratched stuff in repro boxes he had a year or two back) or megabucks, so... we'll see. I'll head back over in 20 mins or so.


I did manage to find out that what my Corgi Model Club Porsche Carrera 6 is missing on its curiously blank undercarriage: a great big honkin' Porsche badge.



Presumably DMV BlueSky YoYo Brands or whatever they're called couldn't secure the rights from Porsche AG to reproduce this on their remanufactured models, for whatever reason.

Okay, well - more to come later, with any luck!

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Ok, so it's maybe not quite the cornucopia of mint boxed Spot-Ons I'd been fantasising about for the past hour or so, but Market Blokey was true to his word...


Get out of the way, naked ladies - you're obscuring the diecast tat.

Budgie, Dinky, Scalextric and no-name Hong Kong plastic were indeed boxed, and were indeed brought out after The Nemesis departed.

 I'm guessing there's some sorta backstory there, but beyond that is anyone's guess.

Scalextric Vanwall looks good and is in the correct box:


However, this may fall foul of the usual Scalextric hazard, where touring cars are worth ££££ while the racers go begging. £25 asking on this.

EDIT: just as I was leaving, someone bought it.

Budgie FX4 taxi is sorrier-looking than its box might suggest:



S-reg suggests a fairly late 1977/78 version.

There's a fairly hefty £35 asking price on each of these.

Scammell Scarab may be a repro - not only does it look very shiny, but the box here says 'collectors item only - not suitable for children', whereas the others have 'Made for H.J. Seener & Co' on them.


I know there are repro Budgie VWs available; is this another?

Little plastic airport coach is quite sweet, though:



But it's dear enough, if it's also £35 (he just waved his hand generally at the whole lot when telling me the price).

Last of the line (1979) Dinky Brinks armoured van has a couple of chips to the extremities, but is otherwise pretty decent, with door mirrors still intact:


I don't think that 'Made in USA' is quite correct, though?


Also, a few other new arrivals had pitched up:


Siku Mercedes Unimog is in excellent shape, and a bit unusual:


Taxis a bit dusty: (l-r) unbranded Corgi clone FX4, Welly FX4, and the TX1 on the right is a Corgi effort (no opening doors - must try harder)


Also, a Corgi Mk3 Transit minibus:


So! That's probably about it for today - and I really gotta go, so one more turn round the stalls and I'll be homeward bound - if there's anything you really really want, sing up quick!

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Just for a bit of perspective from the other side of the stall.

Back in 2013, I had to sell pretty much everything I owned due to a foul up by EDF energy and causing them to try and rectify their mistake by slapping me with a huge bill.

Anyway, I took what would have been about 1/2 to 3/4 of my entire collection, which would have been around 500 items, to the local Swapmeet where I had rented a table.

I was asked to arrive and set up at 11am, but the Swapmeet didn't open until 1pm. By around 12.30 or so, I had sold around half to other stall holders. They gave me more or less what I was asking for them and I genuinely  believed them when they told me it was for their own collection. Nothing reappeared on their stall apart from 1 bus (which stayed there for months). I could have packed up and left before it opened as I didnt sell nearly as much to the public later on. The same thing happened the next month too. Good for me, but I had to sympathise with the punters.

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11 hours ago, andrew e said:

watch out for the Gazelled Avenger  😂

The GREEN ones are definitely Adidas Gazelle, with the old bare 'gum rubber' sole colour no less.  They are no longer in the current range with those soles.  I will have to admit I also own a pair in that Collegiate Green, unfortunately with the modern white outsole.


But the BLUE are Adidas Nizza.  It's the stripe on the sole a third of the way down that identifies.  That stripe and positioning makes all the difference when you are the early-rising captain of a playworn diecast resale industry


Perhaps it's more than a fashion statement.  It's a way of life.  Only on the AS SIMii thread can you appreciate the finer detail and ponder such nonsense.

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