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Shite in Miniature II


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Not much car boot luck here either.Having a couple of nights away,so visited a couple that I only get to 2 or 3 times a year.All I found were these,a plastic copy of a Majorette Citroen GS Camargue,& a Volvo Estate from a Kinder egg 😂20220515_114439.thumb.jpg.6e7ab2916e6ca343483c222979b3111d.jpg

The Camargue has a hole in the back with a spring in it,for some kind of launcher?20220515_114450.thumb.jpg.0916cdcba35ce6a04cd35d9fd27f0c90.jpg

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16 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

RS2600 and a few others seem to have had those no. plate lights


Did a MK1 ever come with a steel sunroof though?

Yes, I suppose it makes sense if no rear bumper or using quarter bumpers on the back, then you’d need a numberplate light. I don’t think any factory Capris used quarter bumpers at the back though, I ran a MK1 Facelift 1600 GT fitted with a hot 2000 Pinto and GXL headlights, that I removed the bumpers from. I used to get stopped regularly by the Old Bill and one wanted to do me for dangerous bodywork , he even called up a Traffic Copper because I wouldn’t accept that it was illegal. Traffic bloke turned up in a Mk2 Granny , had a bit of a conflab with Plod , who came over and said he was letting me off this time 😊

The whole time I was waiting for one of them to notice the lack of numberplate light, lucky it was daylight, I suppose.

And yes, my 3000GXL , that I seized on a max  speed run with 185/60 tyres ( the follies of youth) had a steel sunroof. 


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Matchbox collection. 

I have approx 100 Matchbox vehicles that need a new home. They are mainly from the 60's to 80's but some are newer. The earlier ones are in poor to fairly good condition. The later ones very good to excellent. 

Shall we say £1 per vehicle plus postage depending on how many you might want. All of these can be collected from the SE25 area. 

Will post next.     

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