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I have a pair of volvo 240 14" steel wheels. they look shit but would be fine for running winter tyres on. they are the older type designed for the small centre chrome hub cap. free to collector

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1 focus steel with tyre

1 fiesta mk5 wheel with tyre


4x108 with just about legal tyres


swap for 4x100 honda or rover 200 wheels


i only had them for spares but never used them and cant use them cos civic is rong :D


one is 185 60 14 think the focus one is slightly wider

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Front headlamps from an E39 5 series bmw. They're a bit misty but easy to refurb and would be good if you wanted to refurb these while still having lights in your car.


Skinny spare wheel from a BMW of some kind. Was the spare wheel in Astra, which was useful. Good tread in decent nick.


Ford Puma wheel with a dent in it. Holds air, the tyre has great tread but not in the best of condition but would make a great spare.


Pickup only for the wheels from Ayrshire, Scotchland or my work near Paisley. I can figure out postage for the lights.

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Came across this radio in the garage today. Put 12v across it and it lights up. Beyond that I cant tell you if it plays tapes etc. Anyone fancy it?

YES PLEASE !   Have you still got it ?  can you get it a little nearer to Dorset / Hants by May /June time ???  cheers !

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Can I have the Widnes wheel? I'm in Widnes most days...



I feel your pain. I used to Drive Past it over the bridge most days. Still the Vauxhall dealer was GOOD with trade club prices.

And there's a decent Motor factors near it too.

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does the 240 BOL include the estate?


All petrol engine models 1974 to 1990.

Estates are mentioned and it states; all Volvo 240, 242, 244 and 245 models, DL, GL, GLT and Turbo. 2.0, 2.1 & 2.3 litre engines.


I should tell you this is an American version of the manual so may bang on about smog equipment or other things not fitted here.


Despite being printed in the US it still uses the correct English names for everything i.e petrol instead of gasoline, bonnet instead of hood etc.


Post about £4?

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hmmm so would I have to look at it in the mirror to get steering stuff round the right way?


Possibly, or you could use tracing paper to copy the drawings then turn them round?


I don't know enough about Volvos to know if anything differs but it's an American printing of a UK haynes manual.


In the front it says they would like to thank John Tallis Motors Ltd of Bathwick Hill, Bath, for providing the car they took to bits.


However all the diagrams are LHD as far as I can tell

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four 14" fiesta alloys, with legal 175/65x14 tyres. They are four different makes (can't remember what but i'll check if your interested) three hold air fine, one doesn't. It's not punctured, it's shat the centre of the valve out.

I'm in Blackburn, about a mile from junction 4 of the M65.

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I've got:

Ford Transit lower arm wishbone balljoint. I think this can be used with Cortina's as it was to be used with Cortina uprights on kitcar.

K-series engine valves - second hand - There are 12 of them.

Loads of old Hayne's manuals


Hayne's manuals (about 70 of them) were binned by my mum a couple of weeks ago. :(

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