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Rover 75 Progress.


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Picked this up today to give my Sierra a rest. 2.0 diesel auto-Connoisseur SE.

155,000 miles-done very little over the last few years.

Bloke I bought it off had it for 18 years.

6 weeks MOT left.

Drives well- a few niggles to sort out-exhaust vibrating, headlining drooping , needs a good clean and takes a while to start when hot.

Still it only cost £400



rover 2.jpg

rover 4.jpg

rover 3.jpg

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Thanks all-sorry for the late relies-but since the update I cant use my old ipad to post or look at photos!!

No poo count or breakfast unfortunately-picked car up at 11am - only 13 miles away- using the old trusty sierra.

Friend down the buses who pointed me towards this has three of them-he thinks the hot starting after leaving it a few mins is a dodgy injector-he had it with one of his years ago-but can buy good used ones for 20 odd quid and it's plug and play so will have a look.

First diesel car I've had and even though  its only 115bhp it wafts along quite well- 5 speed auto.

Will clean leather this week and passenger window needs a bit of silicon spray.

Tyres are Uniroyal and some other good make and seem like new-exhaust still has Klarius stickers on and looks fairly new (I say new but car has done minimal mileage over the last few years).

Will tax it today (£390!!) but with man maths the tax and insurance are 3.5 pints of San Miguel a week (I've cut down my drinking to 5 pins every weds where I would also drink one or two bottles every night-gall bladder issues!!).

Will have a fiddle this week with exhaust rattling and put it in for MOT in a couple of weeks. It's worth a bit more than £400 in parts.



sierra 3 ins.JPG

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A few jobs done on the old Rover.

Lights were polished up.

Had a diesel leak from the secondary pump- a few drips -looks like original clip had lost tension.

Thermostat seemed to be stuck open -so did the Renault 5 mod.

Surface rust on rear suspension components rubbed down, rustkilled and primed today ready for paint.

Next job -hand brake adjustment -which could be a pain.

MOT runs out in just over three weeks so will book it in next week.

Bowls along at 70ish very, very nicely.


rov light 1.jpg

rov light 2.jpg




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MOT time yesterday-failed-on the bloody handbrake!

Took on @RoverFolkUs advice and looked through the hole at the pivot shoe and it looked new-along with the springs-so didn't take the hub off. Adjusted up the shoes (should have rechecked after a while) and the adjustment at the handbrake . Still a bit of adjustment on the handbrake and rear shoes I think.

Garage is going to do it next Monday -I could have a fiddle but away for 4 days and easier if its with the garage that mot'd it.

MOT guy said its a very good car-no advisories.

Also it seems that Allan the previous owner had all advisories mentioned in the MOT's fixed-I checked with him and he confirmed this. Last years were pitted rear discs-there are new discs on the back and it looks like new handbrake springs etc.

So hopefully should be MOT'd next week. 

rover 2.jpg

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