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Collection 2: Judgement Day


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22 hours ago, sdkrc said:

Car's not bad honestly. It's probably safer and more reliable than anything I currently own.

The problem is more around keeping the thing. I'm used to hiding shit cars in public car parks but I can't explain the stress levels from trying to hide a 6.7m limo in a train station at midnight when you've already got a different car there. I've got 4 on my driveway and 2 in that there England. 

First 3 or 4hrs over Dartmoor in the sun were sublime. Hours 7 and 8 were harder. 

If I wasn't worried about someone attempting to steal the car/cat/wheels etc. leaving it in a public car park around here I'd probably do the same. Too many dealers worried about police secretly parking vehicles with cameras inside. And people here think it's a nice neighborhood lol.

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On 9/12/2023 at 8:02 PM, DeanH said:

What happened to the stolly chap? I remember his disappearance but did anyone manage to get in touch afterwards?

There's sort of an unspoken thing where we don't talk about that. I think some sort of intervention occurred.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well fucking well. Look who's back.


Just picked this back up after leaving it with a grown up and it's fucking transformed.

New wheel bearing, OSF brake line, both front calipers, both rear wheel cylinders, new NS handbrake cable, all fully adjusted and bled-up.

Oil change, welded-up at OSF, rusty bits treated with Vactan, quick blast over with lanolin rustproofing etc. Wheel alignment.

Set off at 7.30pm, tired, and spent 15mins turning the Inca over but not starting it because I fucked up the start sequence. Loaded up the tiniest flask in the world with espresso.





She's as lovely as I remember. 

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