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Goodbye Huggy, hello Handsome


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Now then... a tale of spannering.

When I took possession of Handsome, his EML was on.  I knew about it; @HMC assured me it wasn't affecting the driving experience, and for the first day or two, he was right.  However last Sunday I went to the Lakeland Motor Museum for Drive It Day, and began to experience hesitation under throttle.  So, on Tuesday I took it in to Martin's garage to have the codes read.  I got a phone call yesterday.

Both banks were running lean, and it seems there's a plastic box at the back of the engine, part of the intake system, and this was broken.  I authorised a replacement.

So this morning I got a phone call telling me the car was ready.


Here are the broken bits.  EML is now off and there is no hesitation when I apply throttle.  Just as a Jag should be!

Meanwhile as you may have noticed, @NorfolkNWeigh offered me a 1/43 model X350.  It arrived today.


And now it's in my paintshop.

Oh and just because I can...


Here it is round the corner, with a neighbour's X-Type in the same green.

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I suppose I should have taken before-and-after photos but I didn't, words will have to do.

The other day I decided to do something about the glue residue on the rear number plate, from where sticky pads had apparently been allowed to rest on it.  Three vertical strips were distorting the letters and It occurred to me that I might get a pull for improperly displaying the plate.  So I delicately scraped at them with a Stanley blade, and got most of the residue off.  The VRM is now decently legible again.  I was in two minds about buying a new plate but now I don't need to :)  Yay me!

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