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Currently losing my mind over the BEDFORD KB


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Using the front half of an Isuzu Florian and badged as a Bedford for the UK.


I'd never even heard of these until I saw a 2nd generation example in a Bedford Promotional video a few weeks ago.


That is all.



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ESL 470V
✗ Untaxed

Tax due:
01 April 1990

Incorrect tax status?

No details held by DVLA

Incorrect MOT status?
WarningIf you've just bought this vehicle the tax or SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)doesn't come with it. You'll need to tax it before driving it.
Vehicle details
  • Vehicle make:BEDFORD
  • Date of first registration:July 1980
  • Year of manufacture:1980
  • Cylinder capacity (cc):1584 cc
  • CO₂Emissions:Not available
  • Fuel type:PETROL
  • Euro Status:Not available
  • Export marker:No
  • Vehicle status:Not taxed
  • Vehicle colour:BLUE
  • Vehicle type approval:Not available
  • Wheelplan:2-AXLE-RIGID BODY
  • Revenue weight:2350kg
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*Shudders at the memory of working in a GM parts dept in 1990*


There were a few of these knocking around, mostly farm hacks held together with bailing twine.


I swear these bloody things were made out of whatever they found lying around.


Parts took weeks to arrive and none ever fitted.


Possibly, just possibly worse than French cars of the 80s.

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They did sell the pre facelift KB in the UK. My neighbors had one of the later ones as a builders van.


Hey you're right, I just found a UK brochure on Vauxpedia. I dont think I have EVER seen one!!! Thats defo the sort of hopeless shit I would remember from my childhood as well.





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They sold them in Australia as the Holden KB Rodeo




And even here in Australia, the home and birthplace of the pick-up, they are properly rare beasts.


EDIT: According to How Many Left, there are 10 KBs left. 9 KB26s, 3 Licensed and 6 SORNed and only 1 KB41 on SORN!

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I do remember the phase 2 models but not the earlier Florianesque ones.


The replacement for the KB, the Brava (popular with the AA in the mid 1990s) was briefly marketed as a Bedford from 1988-1990. I think there are still a couple of those kicking about.

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Had a brand new one on a V plate at a Vauxhall/Bedford main dealers that I worked at,it was light blue and would you believe had a Harvey frost recovery crane bolted to the back!!!,other than that I can't remember much about it but I think it was petrol with column change,it wasn't there very long,I think around that time the rules for single wheel recovery vehicles changed so it became illegal.

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First I knew of them was from the Observers book of Trucks. I’d imagine many had a short and hard life, probably owned originally by a engineering firm or something then a workhorse for a jobbing builder, likely until it collapsed or went rotten. Probably why there are only 10 left.

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There was a reasonable, early dark blue one on EBay around a year ago- sadly I was too ill to consider at the time.


Would have made a nice partner to my Florian.


Not seen another, since.

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