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Ebay Tat Volume 2 - Sadly deceased.


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Another site I visit is Ovalchat



You get some odd cars on there for sale eg........

For Sale Triumph acclaim 1.3 hl

Location: Preston

Contact Information (pm/email/tel): pm

Asking price/Guideline: £350

Delivery possible, would have to be discussed

General information about car/item(s): 12 months Mot, approx 45000 miles. Underneath has been coated in old engine oil every 12 months so theres not a chance of rot there, Interior very good, body has some light signs of bubbling on arches and bottom of doors. Can be taxed at cost

Extra information (more important, ie running or not, any damage): Starts first turn of key every time

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This is the car Abby didn't get... maybe she was fibbing! Either that or the new owner will make a quick profit! Doesn't mention the clutch problem... :?:


That is definately the same Allegro that was for sale in Stourbridge, which I was watching:




It was won for £560.

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Judging by the feedback the buyer wasn't happy with the paintwork/dents. That seller won it on ebay on the 27th Aug.


I sent the details to Abby, tried tugging on her heart strings saying the poor thing obviously needs a loving and stable home. Of course it could be that its a complete shitter that needs avoiding like the plague, but where would be the fun if she cottoned on to that! :P

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Perfectly co-ordinated!


http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/austin-morris-she ... 0529779218



Nice clean Dedra


http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/lancia-dedra-1-6- ... 0480560239




Pony 1.5 with only 29k on the clock!
owner was elderly gentleman who drove very few miles until passing away


Looks like a grown up K10 from this angle!

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1986-HYUNDAI-PONY ... 0674198408

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