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  1. I honestly can't believe how well put together the 75 is in comparison to the 45, the 45 feels like it's made out of cheese but I'm getting 55mpg out of it easily and it's no slouch, I'll be keeping it a while I think but I'll leave it standard, it suits me fine as is, the engine is newly belted and allegedly bullet proof...and they are pretty bloody rare
  2. Oh yeah, it's in London and my email is viscount dot basingstoke at g mail dot com or o7736 nine 5 7 494
  3. Well Hello! A while back I lost my password on here and I have tried rejoining as TorstenAKA but no one seems to want to let me back on! Anyway seems that on this PC my password is saved so hello again! As you can prob'ly tell, my interest in saving tat has diminished somewhat, mostly because of having endless central London space which has now having to be rationalised and therefore most of my cars have had to go, I've replaced them with tasty bikes which are much more my cup of tea! So what has happened is I have a lovely Spanish lady who funnily enough lives in Spain, nothing I love mo
  4. Hello Everyone! Lovely to read that we're missed, nothing personal, not on any forums these days. Seth's right, nothing to see! The company took over the lease on the entire dungeon, it's big. I have to look after that as well as my normal job, everything is surprisingly bloody busy and both need a load of graft so some cars which I "will eventually get around to doing" are never going to get done and are taking up valuable space especially as the council have doubled the rent and rateable value. On the plus side, having divorced last year I have found an exceptional lady who unfortunately liv
  5. Leitrim registered! How exciting! Did you fetch it from Leitrim?
  6. can we have an L reg Proton thread so I can join in?
  7. It's got plenty of little repairs but solid as I recall, I've never really looked at it properly to be honest, it was MOT'd and taxed when it was parked up!
  8. pretty much as per the photos except the wheels are painted black, there is no spark apparently and it's dusty!
  9. no, this is ex Pandamonium.......it hasn't been hit!
  10. If anyone wants a low mileage Horizon I have a giffer spec 1.1 in the dungeon for £250! It's not likely to get scrapped!
  11. We bought this off Drew: He's not a bad guy, not a bad car! It was on telly but not at the Dacia fellas place
  12. Oh, that's just the tip of the iceberg!
  13. That'd be my old chum Ken, I must have a chat with him!
  14. This: So through this trade site I was offered this gorgeous Acclaim, it was traded in towards a Porsche Boxster S and the usual, if I didn't step in it'd be fragged, probably! It was 1 old lady from new, HLS Triomatic, obviously kept well and drives sweetly. When the nice lady pegged it her son took over and when the inheritance cleared he traded it against a Borester. Mine with T&T until July for not very much at all!
  15. In the Dungeon is a W reg Vauxhall Vectra with a bit of MOT, that would be £250
  16. It's all about waiting for someone with an empty load so it'll be worth waiting in my experience, I had an E21 shipped from Conwy in North Wales to London for £85 for example. Obviously if someone's making a special journey it will cost more, I find it can take up to 10 days to get get the best prices in.
  17. Great thread! Infant School the head mistress had a Hillman Minx as did the caretaker, one very old and very round female teacher had a baby blue Mk.1 Escort Mexico, the nuns had a Morris 1100. Junior School, head master had a Bedford CA Dormobile, deputy had a new Austin Princess (1975) to replace his 1800, swimming teacher had an Escort 1300E, school bus was an ex Green Line AEC. The parish priest who was an evil w*nker drove a Lancia Fulvia saloon, his assistant had a sporty Mk.1 Escort Secondary School, was run by resident christian brothers, in their pool was Austin 1300GT, Mini Clubman,
  18. This has PAS but no airbag, probably a bonus with the new MOTs
  19. It actually isn't that bad, nippy enough, nice engine sound, comfy, all good really...okay, not that exciting but does the job!
  20. I believe those Honda engines are non interference too (could be wrong) but to be honest Scoots I don't think it needs any work for a while
  21. Who on Earth is Skizzer? Here's the inside: ...and the motor
  22. Mr Monium, the Nissan would just put me back in the same place, a practical, reliable car I don't need! Swaps ideally a bike or summat odd!
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