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  1. So you think a car has let you down when normal service items need to be replaced? Yeah okay then.
  2. It's a funny old place. You're friends with someone for years, and then without a peep, they unfriend you. Strange... Anyways, life is waaaay too short to grieve over thumb-wielding ex-buddies so onwards and upwards. Having recently lost my Astra G to a blind Fiesta toting woman who drove into it without looking and also due to a rapid decline in my health, I have the opportunity to get a new car under the Motobility scheme and so I am picking up a shiny new (metallic brown!) Vauxhall Mokka 1.4 Turbo on Friday. It's just arrived in the UK after an epic three week journey from Korea! I'm sad to be leaving my full time retro driving behind me but the Astra Mk3 Pineapple still waits in the garage to live another day, so at least on a part time basis, I'll be keeping a toe in the water so to speak.
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Holden-HZ-Premier-1978-classic-Australian-muscle-car-4-2-V8-GTS-Monaro-/271404819537?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3f30fce451
  4. OMG I would love to have had funds to buy this. I have been lacking an AX in my life for far too long!
  5. Yeah it was great with all the spam and can't be arsed attitude wasn't it! I've logged in here for the first time in ages and for a moment thought I'd mistakenly accessed a primary school intranet. Trig's right, the place has gone to hell in a handcart. Back to lurking I think, better for the blood pressure.
  6. Cif will leave shed loads of white residue. Stardrops is an amazing product for the price. A lot of pro detailers swear by it.
  7. More Stevenage nonsense. Nice example of stripe application!
  8. Holy thread resurrection Batman!! Old Chevy pick-up in Stevenage.
  9. £700! Bloody hell I had one of those from new as a company motor when I started at Computacentre back in 1996. Think it cost around £13k back then. I'd love to be able to afford to relive those days of 70k manic miles a year!
  10. HILLMAN AVENGER 1250 DL BRAND NEW NEVER REGISTERED http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HILLMAN-AVENG ... 1128949485
  11. Join up with this site. Some great stuff on there! http://forum.tvfreeload.org/viewtopic.p ... 5&start=30
  12. If I were you I'd do as others have said and leave the rear brake setup as is. A better move would be uprated discs, pads and calipers on the front.
  13. It does say in the advert: Someone on here must be closer to them than me.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Nova ... 2325bd34f0 PURPLE KNOB I'm about 20 mins away. I might pop over and have a nose around!
  14. Not exactly shite but this has been wanging around my home town for as long as I can remember!
  15. I've just become part owner of a Mondeo Mk1 1.8 Verona. Looks bloody good for the money we paid (£195) only done 48000 miles, 12 month ticket. Already had one of our neighbours asking about it so hopefully might be able to make a little profit.
  16. My neighbour had one, it was a complete piece of shite and not in a good way. I believe the Sana was based on an early design for the Fiat Tipo.
  17. I've been buggered about by several ebay sellers meself. Leave it well alone mate, but you must neg the seller to warn other potential buyers about him.
  18. Haven't been on here for a while. By the looks of it I don't think I'll bother again if nobody is going to get rid of all the shit.
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