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1966 Plymouth Fury 3


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Long road home...

The car was originally white.

I'll show you some of the superb* paintwork on it when it gets here.

At this time it needs a repaint. I'm thinking either a royal purple or candy apple red.

(That's obviously a ways down the road, I've got a lot of eBay/Classic Industries in my future, I think).



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Looks like I'm mostly going to be looking for random bodywork fittings, trim and interior. And a few interesting parts like the air-conditioning compressor, wiper motor, etc.

But I've yet to dig into it too far... But quite a lot is available aftermarket, these cars are fairly popular. Not as popular say as as mustang of the same era but they're still popular.


Just waiting for it to arrive.

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for those curious on the NASCAR looking car you can find a few more details in this video here :) 


the youtube channel is worth having a look at if your into car based video game shenanigans, the survive the hunt series is particularly good :) (and other fun ones like the entire grid of stock 2CV's round the ring that I have posted before)


but back to @PhilA's I would vote to keep it stock, I particularly like the steelies it has with the wheels tucked quite far into the bodywork it really gives it that barge look which I like :) 

sorry to hear what happened with it and its previous keeper, but I am very much looking forward to seeing you sorting it out properly :) 

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13 minutes ago, hairnet said:

had this car as an avatar pic on forums maybe 15 years ago

cant find actual pic as had many computers since then (it was facing the other way :D )

has been in top 5 want for far longer than that

phil you evil man :D


That's a 67-70 though. 

However, I do like that color combination.

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22 minutes ago, wuvvum said:

Nice!  Although even in that photo you can tell that the paintwork is perhaps not the best...




It's fiiiiiinnnne.



Threw a fan in because they caught a small amount of rain as they got near here and one side of the rear seat is a bit damp.



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